Thursday, July 19, 2007

Whatcha Gonna Do, Kramer?

This is still a Sheik Youtube Blog so, please, bear with me.

Remember when Kramer called black people 'niggers' at the Comic Factory in L.A. in 2006? It was huge!

I wonder what other character actors have uttered racial epithets in front of a whole gathering of people at a comedy club? Probably not too many. Even after all these months, I still can't believe that it went down. But it caused a lot of people to speak up and say something about the incident, whether it be entertainers, politicians, feminists, racists masquerading under the facade of "black nationalists"....and the Iron Sheik.

How are you going to piss Iron Sheik like that, huh, Kramer? Sheik is reppin' for all the black brothers, including Sonny King, Muhammad Ali and Junkyard Dog. It's amazing that Sheik is leading the fight against all racists. None of these rappers really said anything particularly relevant. If they did, it was probably some idle threat in rhyme form. I'd be more scared of Sheik threatening to stick his penis in my asshole than some mixtape rapper saying some slick shit in iambic pentameter.

Kramer, you better watch your ass. No homo.

This is some unfunny spliced video. You really don't have to watch this.

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