Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Of course, there will be more.

Sheik really hates Andre. You know this and I know this. Probably more than Hogan since Andre used to make Sheik's life miserable in the ring, according to Bobby Heenan. I don't think I've ever heard of Hogan being uncooperative or whatever, but that's a path of thinking that bores me right about now so I'll move on.

These videos are groundbreaking. After you watch these, please go out of your way to alert your parents, friends, brothers, sisters, cousins, guidance counselors and weed dealers. ESPN asskisser Dan Le Batard interviewed Our Hero and queried the fine individual on his feelings on Mr. Brian Blair. Sheik had apparently reconciled with the former Killer Bee, so there shall not be any anal intrusions on Sheik's part. Unless there's some demented porno out there from when he wrestled for Ole Anderson.

But, please, ladies, Sheik doesn't fool around too much because he's married.

More stuff from that idiot Le Batard, but at least, it's him interviewing Sheiky Baby. Sheik jokingly threatens to fuck Dan up the ass, which is nice. It shows that he is in the joke. Maybe he's not as crazed as people think he is. That would be great to know that he worked the whole internet and may actually be a great philosopher, scholar and svengali. Hahaha, Sheik still goes out of his way to call Blair a jabronie and even if he forgives Hogan, the man still broke his heart.

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