Monday, July 23, 2007


Told you the weekend would not be about the blog. Went over to Coney Island on Friday night, drank 5 beers, saw fireworks and was a drunk Bengali man whose hip hurt the next morning. It was a great night. And I did laundry and watched Great American Bash on PPV. Like that's the only thing that I'll pay money for. When it comes to MMA, I will just watch that shit through other methods.

The world has been clamoring for more Sheik video reviews and I am surprised to find this site linked from weird Google ads on Russian celebrity sites of Wendi Richter and Jimmy Snuka, but that is awesome, regardless. Oh yeah, I am looking for as many Sheik videos of Youtube so, people, go out of your way to take video footage of the man. It'll keep this blog running for eternity. But I don't want to start getting videos in 10 years from people filming his fucking tombstone and screaming "I MAKE HEEM HUMBELL FROM DEH DEAD" or whatever. Like I'll review it, but I have no problems with calling people fucking assholes, so in that instance, I would call you a fucking asshole. Sounds reasonable, right?

I enjoyed this if only because after Sheik says "cameraman zoom", his photo begins to get larger. I love the Breakfast Club; my high school had stuckup Asians who thought they were better than everybody, black people who thought they were better than everybody, white people who did not trust the black kids and white people who wanted to be the black kids.

I wonder if Sheik was the man in high school and, possibly, fucking burqa-wearing Iranian women after school. Hey, I saw a rather well-known athlete in my high school take a freshman into the bathroom one day...and then brag about grabbing her breasts. So I don't think my scenario would be all that unbelievable.

This was some damn good footage from Mid South Wrestling. I don't know who the guy in the ring with Sheik sitting on the chair is. Probably Terry Taylor or some other jabronie like Mike Boyette? Al Perez? I'm sure someone out there knows. Skandor Akbar cuts a hell of a promo and challenges JYD. And the JYD/Sheik match goes down and it's damn good. Dog moved then about as good as Cena moves in the ring now, which is a compliment. Bill Watts calling Grizzly Smith the matchmaker is interesting since I thought Smith was just a road agent for him.

Now, I'm gonna start doing some work after an hour and half of slacking off. Back sometime soon with another post that will serve as only a diversion from what I'm actually getting paid to do.

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