Monday, July 16, 2007

Digging Gold?

We all have situations that irk us, so we bitch about them to our close friends. Whether it's relationship issues, problems at work or whatever, there's definitely a small group of friends (or maybe just one) that an individual will trust to listen to their deeply personal problems.

With our Hero, Sheik will just tell the whole world. If he's got an issue with something, then it doesn't matter who is asking. It certainly appears that anything that should be kept private will eventually come out if you put a camera in front of Sheiky Baby. That's why this blog is around, but it's very unique that this guy appears to not have the ability to keep his mouth shut on some topics. Honestly, how many people out there would regale an audience of wrestling fans (or just anybody) with stories of drug abuse?

Not surprisingly, this next video brings up a decidedly personal subject: Sheik accuses his wife, Caryl, of stealing his royalty check. Now, there's a lot of things that I find deplorable, but this accusation seems quite troubling. Like I know people, especially the elderly, have to deal with a lot, but finding out your own wife has stolen your money is pretty fucked up.

So, should Caryl Vaziri be looked at with scorn? I don't really know because it's really none of our business anyway. But Sheik decided to bring his personal life on this shoot (as well his RF shoot, which was taped a few months ago and currently on sale). I don't think I could bring that up to anybody but an attorney. And for once, I actually feel sorry for his two daughters that this information can be found through a few point-and-clicks.

Okay, the part about Sophia Loren was pretty funny.

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