Thursday, July 26, 2007

Carry On Tradition

Life takes you to different, weird places. Sheik went from Iran all the way to Minnesota, just to get away from the political strife going on in that country. Sheik had even said himself, "Iran broke my heart". When you're putting your life on the line for Farah Pahlavi [or her son] and something happens to force a change in power, the likelihood of having the opportunity to advance financially becomes threatened, at least in the short term.

So if even Khosrow Vaziri was working for peanuts [or $500 a week, as he claimed] for the University of Minnesota, the risk was worth it. Looking back, was it really the right decision for the man? Who really knows. But that long trip led him to work for Gagne and travel all around the world. Even if means wrestling in front of the legendary rabid fans of Puerto Rico.

Colon really impressed me here. So did the ref. And Sheik did his "calm down" hand motion which riles up the fans even more. That's my favorite part of his heel schtick. Check out Colon jumping from the ring over the top rope to the floor just to land a punch on the Sheik's fat head. That's what's great about wrestling. And that's something that's being lost - whatever "that" is. You know.

Believablity in wrestling is something that will never come back in America. Things are just too hokey, the camera angles are too business-exposing and wrestling fans creep the fuck out of 4 out of 10 readers of the Wall Street Journal.

But at least it's good to think to yourself, "hey, this shit was pretty cool at one time". Like when I was a slacker in college and watched ECW. Or around the time that Tiger Ali Singh decided to rep for the brown man while cutting Dusty Rhodes-like promos in Punjabi. It's true; Singh was the Dusty of all the dotheads. Even if Bradshaw shit in his turban.

The weekend is right around the corner. I can't wait. Hopefully, another Sheiky video post and some links to some great places. Until then, please stop hitting on that 16-year-old girl on AOL. It's only going to lead to bad things, man.

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