Friday, August 31, 2007

Fuck yeah.

Friday is fucking here and I expect everybody reading this to go out this weekend and have a great time.

Yeah, so I won't be doing the interview with Page Magen, one of Sheik's bookers who also is involved with the Sheik documentary. He got too anal about knowing questions because we all know that I was gonna be like, "How can you book a guy that you've seen smoke crack right in front of you?" But hey, whatever. If you would like to ask him yourself, then go e-mail him at You might get yourself a one-sentence response!

Skip to 4:43 in this video because no one cares about Johnny Kashmere even if Social Distortion or whatever the fuck is playing in the background. The bald dude asks Sheik about his feelings on Tom Cruise and Scientology. He talks about Cruise not being like the Sheik. Sheik asks the bald guy to read his medal and the bald guy reads it wrong. What is up with people reading it wrong? Fuck, get some better glasses or something. Sheik's also asked about Hillary Clinton running for President. He says that he's got no problems with someone with a twat running the country. Personally, I just hope she's more competent than Benazir Bhutto and Khaleda Zia. I'm pretty sure that she will be since America isn't some dirt-poor South Asian county with people who look like they belong on those Save the Children commercials. Oh yeah, Sheik says that George Bush is a half-and-half since he sent the young generation to Iraq and Afghanistan. Sheik should really become an Ambassador for the UN. I'm sure he'd do an admirable job, much like Angelina Jolie has done. Sheik puts over Bruno Sammartino and Kurt Angle, which is always tremendous.

Have a great weekend. Send me an e-mail or two so I can paste them on this site, assholes.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Feinstein Exploitation Continues

See Sheik rant about fucking Linda, Brooke and Nick Hogan. Well, Nick's going to get fucked a lot if he gets convicted of vehicular manslaughter. But maybe the dude in the car will live. Sheik gets baited into crying when he learned of Frank Gotch's death. I don't know if baiting an old man into doing things that make you entertained is something that most normal people would do. In fact, it's pretty scummy. Sheik gets to go to Madison Square Garden and stand in front of it like it's really amazing. I think the baiting of Sheik is because that just having footage of him eating a croissant just wasn't enough for them. It also speaks to the desperation of the individuals involved in order to make money. Sheik curses at some hotel or whatever and lets the accused pedophile know that he's a shooter.

Overall, what I think is this looks even crappier than the RF Sheik shoot and doesn't compare to the original MWF version that signalled the comeupance of Our Hero. I'm glad to say that I know that people on the internet bootleg this jerk's videos and I hope that it continues. If it means not having to watch some creep film another guy sleeping in bed, then even better. Although the appearance of "legendary" Tom Brandi is always a welcome sight.

Please feel free to leave comments, whether in support or in outrage or purely ambivalent. I enjoy the feedback.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Damn it, so I decided to enjoy the weekend and what really happened was I got lazy and stopped updating. Are you crying inside? Well, I'm sorry. I figure that I'll have to apologize everytime I decide that blogging is a chore more than enjoyment. But would you go nuts if you felt that anything you did would get analysed and whatnot? I'm sure that's probably what was happening to that Owen Wilson dude. He was pretty okay in "Black Hawk Down" and his brother Luke was great in "Old School". I love "Old School". I'll watch that on my death-bed because it'll take my mind off my frail state.

Sheiky Baby's slapping of his (Jewish) agent, Eric Simms, ended up on some sports news show in Canada or whatever. I don't know who this blonde broad was, but I'm pretty sure she's a prude. Aren't most female anchors? Well, maybe Summer Sanders was a whore, but that's not something that I would ever say without documentation. (i.e. Please don't find this hack blog and sue me.) Oh yeah, Warrior bitched up at that moment. I'm frightened by Sheik's Old Arab Grocery Store Owner Sandals more than anything.

Fuck yeah Sheiky Baby on Springer. This is great because the late Pitbull 2 is a pimp and he's pimping out this broad, Little Jeannie. Pitbull's attire is beyond hilarious. Jeannie says that she's leaving Pitbull for another man. A man that can treat a woman fairly. So who comes out but that real nigga, Iron Sheik. Sheik cuts a classic promo on Pitbull using both English and Farsi. The crowd goes nuts for Sheik. Finally, Pitbull takes some other broad out of the crowd and puts her on his lap. Jamie Dundee got his Springer hookup due to Sheik's appearance; the producers needed midgets so Sheik gave them Dundee's number. And the rest is history. I love wrestling, fuck a Benoit.


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I'll be posting all the spam that I get since it makes me feel fucking important. It's the Internet equivalent of shaving your pubes in order to feel that you have a bigger dick.

Anyways, see you later.

Friday, August 24, 2007


Fuck yeah, it is Friday and I am ready to drink beers, smoke weed and generally be a rather beligerent asshole tonight. Sorta like the hero of our blog. Anyhow, sorry that I haven't reviewed videos a whole lot lately. But I had to pay bills and work a buncha hours and do personal shit. I think the internet needs to take a vacation every once in a while. Like people get vacations from school, work and whatnot, so when can people take internet vacations? Like a weekend where everyone decides to stop going on chatrooms to hit on underaged chicks, stop posting retarded ass pictures on their Myspace and quit arguing in dumbass threads on messageboards. Everybody should take a reprieve from the usual things in their lives and enjoy life and stuff.

I shall try to accomplish such a thing this weekend. If it works, then maybe I'll do it again next weekend. Maybe you should too.

I'm trying to get an interview with this one dude who's doing the Iron Sheik documentary. We'll see if it actually goes down, but if he doesn't, then I'm not gonna whine or anything. My number one priority is going to Coney Island tonight and try to avoid getting arrested. If I don't, then it'll be a good night. Allah might be watching, but there's not a damn thing he can do about it.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Wacky Wednesdays

I don't really have much to say about the rap music these days. I listened to enough of it back a few years ago when I worked around black people and I was intrigued with Nas vs. Jay-Z. Listening to people's discussions on where Stillmatic ranked and how awesome Trick Daddy was was actually pretty fun. I still watched wrestling then, but it was all about me strolling into my Business Journalism class with my shitty CD player while Wu-Tang was playing into my headphones. So yeah, I bought a lot of rap albums for a good while. And some 50 Cent stuff, too. This video is for the song, "Ski Mask Way" off his second major-label release, The Massacre. Compared to most of the crap he records, this is great shit. Produced by the late Disco D, who unfortunately killed himself and stuff. I LOVE THIS BEAT.

Here's that Sheik documentary video that was unfortunately disabled for embedding earlier...

Our boy Mani went to the deepest, darkest parts of Queens, NY (Jac Sabboth's wrestling store) to meet our hero, Sheiky Baby. Sheiky talks about Warrior and how the dude was a loner and did not want to the legend. Also, he goes into explicit detail about the shortcomings of the Warrior. Of course, the threat of anal rape is made in this particular video, but that goes without saying, right?

Last but not least, the homie Neal from In Your Head radio e-mailed this link from Sheik's bizarre interview there from a few months ago. Sheik freaks out when the host asks him about the supposed hostage situation at the Boston airport after that unfortunately car crash that Sheiky Baby had with Dan Miloni and this other Jew. That's right, he'll be known as "this other Jew". Sheik is very angry and wants to sue Miloni. I guess the threats of suing Miloni didn't go down since he appeared on that MWF show a few weeks ago. Dude couldn't even get a hookup at Applebee's.

Listen to this. It's amazing and rather awe-inspiring.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Best Promo Ever?

The Iron Sheik rattles off

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People may wonder why I love the Iron Sheik so much. They might think it's because I'm just some unreasonable super-mark for him with not much to celebrate but "make him humble". That's perfectly fine. But Sheiky Baby has left a lot to his name even before that time. Check out this AWESOME promo from that Grandmasters DVD that's become the best selling DVD at Walmart. Sheik's promo is awesome as he rattles off why he's so much better than Ken Patera, shows off his disgusting steroid gut and impressively lifts those Iranian clubs. If you can't love this, then I have no love for you. Freddie Blassie rattles off a quick promo, which is even more endearing.

Friday, August 17, 2007

My Loss, Your Gain

Of course you didn't think that your trusty blogger disserted you. Not at all. You know I care for all you faceless internet assholes that watch videos here. I know, I'm an asshole and everything for letting you guys down this week. The page impressions on Adsense prove it. But I say let bygones be bygones. So I didn't go to see fireworks tonight. Or go see "Superbad". There's always tomorrow. Tonight, I am stoned and willing to discuss the Iron Sheik's adventures on Youtube, to the surprise of everyone. I know. Anyhow, I have decided to use Dailymotion for any and all Sheik clips, too. Also, Myspace Videos. Shit, even ifilm, whatever that is. And that website with the porno clips, too. It's for a good reason! Among the people coming here, there's gotta be some social outcast fiending for creepy underground snuff film starring Sheiky Baby and some cracked-out hooker from Jersey City.

Okay, I wrote that like 10 hours ago. I have woken up and noticed that I left my air conditioner on all night. That's terrible, but I'll get over it. And I watched the remake of Bad News Bears starring Billy Bob Thornton. Apparently, his last name IS spelled "Thornton". Yep.

Now, I shall review Sheik videos from throughout the internets for you, for me and that pop group that made that song "Steal My Sunshine".

I love this segment and made me love wrestling all over again. Even with the ridiculous overanalysis displayed in frivolous messageboard posts, it's things like this that make me continue to be a fan of this stupid shit. I love it. Who were the standout performers, you might ask? I think EVERYONE was great. Jillian sings worse every week.

Volkoff and Sheik did tremendous. Volkoff's song has never changed over the years. Sheik is such a pro because he still does the "calming down" hand routine to rile up the crowd a little bit more. Regal and Sheik got into it a bit, which is great. I love watching immigrants fight.

The judges were great, especially Maria and Regal. The Lillian/Santino interaction brought a tear to my eye. Santino and Lillian should sing a duet that could be as well-accepted as that song by Huey Lewis and Gwenyth Paltrow. And also, DAMN~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.


This is a Sheiky Baby Megamix. I don't know, it didn't entertain me too much. But it was nice to read the words that he was saying during this one particular drunken tirade.

Nas' video for "It Ain't Hard to Tell", from his classic album, "Illmatic". Dude freak beats, slam it like Iron Sheik, jams like a tech with correct techniques.

Anyways, I might be back tomorrow, but for now, let me just tell all of you that I love black people, even if my relatives taught me to walk on the other side of the street whenever I saw them.


I've been lazy with reviewing old Sheik videos. Forgive me. Or don't. Back later!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

No, I don't know either.

The week is going by splendidly. It's already Tuesday and I'm already yearning for a new line of work. Usually, the agony settles in around Wednesday or Thursday, but unfortunately, life has taken a turn for the mundane all too quickly. The only saving grace from yesterday was a wonderful meal at Uno's Pizzeria. Chicken broccoli fettucine is the shit and the one meal that can satiate the appetite of an amazing human being, such as myself.

Sheiky Baby was on Raw and got live mic time. I'm waiting a video on that shortly, but for now, let's look at some videos and comment and all that other shit.

This is the trailer for the Sheik documentary "From A to the Z", which is coming soon from the Magen brothers. Sheik likes to drink alcohol and smoke crack. His wife does admit to taking his check, but says Sheik spent $30,000 with nothing physical to show for it. Sheik says he spent it "on the ground". Maybe he's talking about his daughter, Marissa's gravesite? We get to see Sheik make a trip to the cemetary and it's pretty sad. A special appearance by Paul Orndorff in flip-flops! He talks about killing a hog. Sheik walks weird on one foot. He also takes pictures with bored black children. His wife looks rather shrewish in this, comparable to Bret Hart's wife's performance in Wrestling With Shadows.

Sheiky Baby was on Dr. Keith Lipinski's radio show. Is he really a doctor anyway? I don't know. Joey Eastman of Totally Tool Wrestling is also on this. Sheik rants on Kramer. He is going to give that guy a warning. Sheik has a lot of love in his heart and he's got mad love for Muhammad Ali and Michael Jordan. He doesn't know if Ali is okay. Sheik thinks Bruno Sammartino should be in the Hall of Fame since he sold out Madison Square Garden more than anybody else. Sheik talks about the Von Erichs and claims he trained them. He thinks Kevin should be in the Hall. He talks about Warrior's gay past, but I guess he doesn't think he should be there. God bless Ed Farhat, the original Sheik, but he didn't speak Arabic since his father and mother were from Syria. Sheik's got mad love for Ed Farhat and thinks he should be in the Hall. Sheik does think Flair should be in the Hall since he's a good wrestler and talker. Sheik talks about Flair and says him or Brunzell or Patera couldn't handle him. He talks about the training camp days and says he was the toughest. He says Flair isn't in his class.

Sunday, August 12, 2007



--Iron Sheik is booked for Raw tomorrow night. Believe it or not, Sheik is booked at a whiffle ball game in Albany, NY tonight and they are sending a limo to get him to MSG for Raw.


Thursday, August 9, 2007

What a week it's been, huh?

Yeah, the Sheik fans have been crazy since the Stern videos have leaked. Manican did it again. If anyone gets a video of that anal ring toss, then please find a place to put it up and I'll put a link to it here. Come on, the memories of seeing Our Hero trying in vain to throw rings into a stick up a girl's ass just sounds too hilarious. It would certainly deserve many screen caps.

Listened to that Kevin Nash RF shoot. It's pretty good. Nash talks about his first car ride with Sheiky and how within a couple minutes, the Iranian antagonist is smoking a joint in the back of a van. They're going to the gym, along with Sid and Dutch Mantell, but Sheik has to stop to get a six-pack. The van gets to the gym, where the other wrestlers go to work out. Sheik walks in the gym, does 2 reps on the bench press at 135 and leaves. Tremendous.

People can say whatever they want. Sheik's always been nuts. But he's got a heart of gold for people that give him props and for girls that are willing to do the job for him. Beware that short-arm clothesline, ringrats.

One last thing before I start reviewing stuff: I'm working on doing something else that may be of interest to you hardcore Sheik fans. I want this blog to be more than just a video review blog, because I know that I can do more than that and I think people are intelligent enough to want a little diversity in their content. To the loyal readers, I'm gonna try to do things that would stray from the normal wrestling blog. Cool?

Sheik fails to cut a 15-second promo for Opie and Anthony. He doesn't really call him "Opium" but these guys are trying to be funny. The imitations aren't really great and the fake Farsi doesn't really intrigue me. Sheik may not be able to cut a short promo. Who really knows? This dude who is imitating isn't as good as that one dude on Youtube or even Artie Lange.

Anyways, it's been a crazy week. Hope there isn't another tornado in my neighborhood. PEACE.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Of Course, There's MORE Sheik on Howard Stern.

Fuck YES, the whole radio segment with Howard. No video on this one, but there's no way I can review this whole thing. Listen to it, though.

With every party, there's always one jackass that wants to ruin the night. Whether it means drinking too much, snorting way too much coke or just being a complete douche, these individuals do exist. In this case, it's some deejay named Bubba the Love Sponge. I know he's good friends with Hulk Hogan, which is the only reason that he's on Howard. Before Bubba came out, Sheik was optimistic, but didn't trust Bubba, So Bubba comes out and spits out some wrestling facts that he got from Wikipedia. He defends Hulk and Sheik gets pissed at him. Bubba challenges Sheik's Olympic claims, but Sheik reasons that Olympics and AAU are the same thing. Bubba claims he wrestled AAU at 225 pounds, but Sheik notes that Bubba is a fat ass, which is quite true. Sheik calls Bubba a Italian Jewish faggot or whatever. Don't get angry at me since trying to convert Sheiklish-to-English is a skill that takes years to master. Bubba says he could beat up Sheik right now, but Sheik doesn't seem fazed at all.

Bubba keeps calling Sheik a jobber since Vince Sr. told him to drop the belt. Around this time, they refer to Hulk as Terry. Bubba seems legit riled up, but I think it's just him trying to piggyback off the Sheik's popularity while continuing to ride Hogan's coattails. I wonder how much Bubba got paid to do that show in Memphis that had the Hulk/Big Show main event. Bubba keeps calling Sheik "kid" which is disgusting. I don't call any elders "kid".

Howard brings out AJ, the porn star who does Anal Ring Toss at bachelor parties. Sheik is loving it right now. Where's Sheik's cold beer, damn it. Sheik needs money since he's broke.

Then we have the "Killer Bees" cutting promos on the Sheik. Howard says they just signed a deal with the WWE. Sheik believes that Jim Brunzell has betrayed him, which is just ridiculous. Both Bees are wearing masks and Sheik is freaking out about it. One Bee says his moustache smells like Nikolai Volkoff's asshole. This segment didn't last too long as Howard wanted Sheik to settle down.

Howard plugs Sheik's stuff and asks Vince McMahon to bring the Sheik back. Sheik says Vince forgot about and he broke Sheik's heart. Bubba says Blair really isn't gay and needs to stop it. Sheik says "really" and Bubba confirms it. Sheik asks about Warrior and Bubba says "well, you might have something there..."

We get a little clip of Sheik giving excuses as to why his Anal Ring Tossing isn't up to par. He's not Michael Jordan or Michael Jackson.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

A New Day: More Howard Clips, Thoughts of Harley, Whatever Else is Out There

Our Hero has arrived on Howard's show and he seems ready to steal the show. He's just a ball of energy as he walks through the halls of the radio station's office. Sheik is already yelling that Bubba the Love Sponge and Artie need to not fuck with him, I don't have nearly that kind of energy unless I've drank a lot of alcohol. He meets Bababooey and the meeting turns out alright. He asks about Robin and we find out that she's lost 30 pounds in 25 days or something. Sheik seems so happy to be on the show. Beats doing a Dan Miloni shoot for peanuts. Sheik meets Howard and shows him the godl medal. Howard talks about seeing the Sheik with his grandfather, Sol, in Tampa, Florida. I hear lots of Jews live in Florida. This is definitely the meeting of two legends. Sheik talks about Vince McMahon and how he's not gonna kiss his ass like Steve Regal. Damn, right. I still can't believe that Regal did that. That's when you know that wrestling has gone too far. Assplay in wrestling may intrigue the gays, but come on, yo. Anyhow, Sheik also rants about Hogan saying "I owe you one" while doing nothing for him. You tell 'em, Howard. Throughout this whole clip, Sheik is sober and insane and appears to have a heart of gold.

This is the full version of the Sheik vs. Sheik Jr. rant. It's beautiful. Sheik blames Duggan for his arrest. Probably because Jim was driving the car and was drinking a can of beer at the time. Howard just keeps egging on Sheiky Baby. Artie quietly comes back into the studio like nothing ever happened, but Sheik appears to understand what's going on. The exchange with Artie is also great as Sheik caught on that it was Artie all along. Sheik threatens to fuck Artie in the ass, even if he is fat. Also, Sheik says that assfucking is against Islam, but he could just break his back. I accidentally typed "break his ass", but um, that's also possible.

Oh my God. So Howard gets the fake Warrior and Macho Man on. Fake Warrior really did suck, but fake Macho put his dick in a photograph of the Sheik. Sheik gets fired up really quickly, but the look on his face is hilarious when the camera does the close-up on the Iron Sheik picture with cock. Fake Macho had a lot more comebacks that are too racially insensitive to put into words. I don't know how long this clip will stay on youtube, but it is awesome. Sheik talks about being broke. Sheik is also kinda pissed at Vince McMahon for not helping him out now that he's old and broken down. He should've sent him money or given him another manager role. You could've paired up Sheik with Head Cheese. Or Dan Severn! Sheik talks about Moolah and kicking her out of Valentine's car. He says that he'd never fuck her since she is ugly and all. Sheik breathing heavily is great. Howard has just the remedy for Sheik's troubles...Anal Ring Toss for $2,500!

All these Howard clips are AWESOME. WATCH THEM ALL.

Sheik talks about guys in wrestling, but with a respectful tone. See, from what I've watched and heard, Sheik's opinions on most wrestlers don't really change unless it's a guy like Hogan, who was an influential dude. Sheiky rode with his old crew and like a lot of people, is loyal to the boys that he did the medicine with. Interesting that he says that he took down Harley Race. Even Sheik says that Harley was one of the toughest guys out there.

And now, some closing thoughts...

So you've come here to watch videos and laugh out loud. I know that it's true, but I like to just talk shit, too. You stay here for the videos while scrolling through mind-numbing amounts of text. Write off my opinions because you're too tired to read. Well, people wrote off Sheiky Baby, too. Like WCW.

According to Jim Cornette, he was so bad as a job guy during his last run there, that he got sent home. Pretty awesome that Sheik got another contract after his contract accidentally rolled over for another year. I'd like to follow Sheik's model in that if I can not be seen or heard, then maybe they'll forget about me and continue to pay me for working all so diligently on this here blog, then on the big pile of nothing that I currently do.

Maybe you can follow the Iron Sheik model. If it can work for hilarious individuals like Sheiky Baby, Lanny Poffo and, um, probably Ice Train, then, shit, it can work for you.

You don't sit Sheiky at home for months on end. Even if he didn't feel like taking bumps from reckless Power Plant trainees, the geniuses at CNN Tower could have given him a talk show segment where he could have expounded on his views of life, liberty and love. Also, the crack. It took over a decade longer for people to understand that while his wrestling ability has long since dissipated, he's still a hell of a personality. The videos prove it.

This looks so horrible and gay. No, really, it does. I hate wrestling fans.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Once Again, Mondays Mean Something

A weekend spent not doing a whole lot, which was great. Sometimes, you just need to sit back and do nothing. The joy of staring at your television is like none other. Especially when you're waiting for that huge check to come due to how financially successful your blog is coming around. Yep, big things are planned. Hopefully I can quit the day-job and just blog from this yacht that I've been yearning to get a hold of. It's not in my price range yet, so people, please click the ad on the bottom left hand corner of this page. I'm beggin' ya!

This is from Howard TV and fuck yeah, this is great. Artie Lange as Iron Sheik Jr. rants and raves about how he's the real Iron Sheik and has gotten two million dollars from Vince McMahon. At first, Sheik gets really angry but I think a part of him is like, "wow, this is pretty fun" while almost deciding to pull his cock out of his pants. Sheiky lets us all know he's got a "ten inch cock", which must really intice the ladies of Tehran. And the gays.

What I think really came out about this is Iron Sheik should get a radio show gig. Like if an untalented, roided up dude like Donny Bonaduce can become a radio talk show host, then why can't Sheiky Baby? I'd be willing to bet that a lot of legends look at Sheik and think, "damn it, all I had to do is to curse and scream in order to get people to care about me again???" A lot of people tend to look at the negative aspects of all this, but at least he's not doing what THIS legend has been reduced to participating in...

It's bad enough being a broken down wrestler who gets no benefits and is surviving on AARP and social security and the occaisonal autograph signing, but Greg the Hammer Valentine is doing BACKYARD SHOWS. People can cry all they want about how Sheik is being exploited blah blah blah, but he's gotta be making some decent money for getting his face out there. And he doesn't have to take a single bump in order to make a buck, too. My point is that I think it's fucking sad that Greg the Hammer is still out there perfoming with a bunch of backyarders and that if he had the opportunity to get the publicity/notoriety that Sheiky Baby is getting, then, hell, maybe he would. Hammer has gotta be a little jealous of Sheik's $2,500 score on Howard's Anal Ring Toss.

At least Hammer didn't have to bump, but, really, what the hell?

Sheik tells us about how he hated being an opening-match guy in the AWA. He used his real name (Khosrow Vaziri), which really didn't get over with the marks in the Midwest. I know, shocking. So he had a meeting with Verne Gagne and his wife, Mary, at some French restaurant, about it. Apparently, it was Mary who thought of the new name for Our Hero. Sheik can't say the word "Wong", which doesn't surprise me. I still have a hard time pronouncing Chinese names, too.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Guess What? Sheikymania is Out Of Control.

The Great Blog got the most page impressions in one day than ever, due to Sheik's appearance on the Howard Stern Show. I'm trying to keep up to date with all the new happenings in the Youtube World of Sheik, which is pretty hard to do when the guy is literally everywhere.

But I still want to make this blog about appreciating the old stuff and new stuff. There's still a lot of incidents that we haven't even covered yet, which I'm planning to get to next week. Hopefully, someone will either leak Sheik's appearance on Howard on Youtube, but, for now, go to (click on the link to see the rundown of Thursday's show). From what I've read, it sounded like he had a good appearance. The guy went off on people and, also, played a friendly game of Anal Ring Toss. Glad he won $2,500, but let's hope he doesn't spend it all on medicine.

In the meantime, I'm really interested in the promotion that Sheik is doing right now. He's teamed up with his "nephews", the Magen brothers, and is going to release a documentary with them. Go to and check out the footage there. It doesn't leave anything to the imagination. And update your Myspace friend listings, the new official Sheik myspace is /therealironsheik.

Sheik's appearance on the Monday Night Mayhem show, which I listened to a couple days ago. He seems pretty sober here. He seems excited to be on the Stern show. Although Hogan broke his heart and apparently kayfabed him by having Jimmy Hart take his phone number, he's got a lot of respect for him. Sheik's feelings on his contemporaries is usually pretty consistent, unless it's either Hogan or Blair. I guess he's looking forward to Anal Ring Toss or whatever. He says ESS Promotions correctly, which is tremendous.

He's still lying to us about getting a gold medal in Mexico City, but let's just nod our heads. At least he's got an AAU gold medal! This interview is tremendous. Just remember, he's the rheal. Even though he's a loyal company man, he does occasionally watch TNA.

Sheik does talk about Chris Benoit and he actually comes off better than Steve Blackman and Warrior, since he doesn't talk about defending the business so that is great. He's just upset about Daniel and Nancy Benoit dying. Even if he says "I know the man is innocent", but later on, he says that Benoit broke his heart, so I think accepting the truth is really hard for him. It's really a fucking shame what happened.

Alright, I'm done. Take care and have a great weekend, jackasses. New post probably on Monday, maybe later.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Yes, The Sheik is on Howard Stern TODAY.

At least, I think he's on? I am one of the many people that didn't switch to Sirius so I am hoping that you, the public, can help a poor South Asian brother out here. If you can't, then well, fuck you. But if you can, then I shall thank you personally on this very blog. I know you care. You've gotta care. But whatever.

Anyways, Rob Feinstein has put up a nine minute audio clip of Howard Stern talking about Our Hero. I believe it's worth a listen, so yeah, listen.

WOW WHAT AN AWESOME LISTEN, RIGHT? Yeah, so they're gonna make fun of him and shit. And there will be beer. I've watched Howard's show on the E! network for a million years so nothing will particularly surprise me about the appearance. They're gonna play Anal Ring Toss which seems kinda fun. Do Iranians play Anal Ring Toss after hard-fought amateur wrestling matches in Tehran? Who knows.

So, that dude, Rob Feinstein may have a rather checkered history. From allegations of stiffing his customers when it comes to DVDs to other allegations of bootlegging to other allegations of just being unusual, he's someone who has been vilified throughout the internets. Well, things got worse a couple years ago after one of those "To Catch a Predator"-like stings that involved Perverted Justice and some local news crew...

Because of this, dude lost the wrestling company that he was helping to run, Ring of Honor. And, well, it would interesting if Howard did know about Rob's background. Maybe someone will send a link of this video over to Howard's people. Or maybe people just don't give a damn anyway. Nice to know that Sheik's crew consists of a rather untrustworthy individual who happens to be Jewish and a failed wrestling promoter accused of pedophilia.

Sheik rants and raves while Dan Miloni half-heartedly holds up some photos of Sheiky Baby. Miloni holds up Sheik's glossies and the camera gets like, maybe, a third of the picture, hahaha. This is from the MWF shoot that got the ball rolling as far as Sheikymania is concerned.

Have a great fucking day, people.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Sheik's Going To Be On Howard Stern TOMORROW! AND MORE.

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I have been sick and lazy. But that's okay because this is a blog that attracts either hardcore Sheik fans, bored lurkers or aspiring sex offenders looking for Lindsay Lohan upskirt pictures from the set of "Freaky Friday".

Hell yeah. I hope this turns out great as apparently they're gonna be playing a game of Anal Ring Toss or whatever. I think this will be memorable, for better or worse. Like when Sheik walks into a room, the entire atmosphere changes. He's kind of a drunken social butterfly, so he should do incredibly well. Hopefully, he doesn't ask for crack on live radio. Let's just hope.

Below is a video with a live phone chat between Sheiky Baby and his one-time nemesis, Dan Miloni. Sheik talks about Warrior being a fag, that he's got mad love for Road Dogg and the whole Armstrong clan and that he is loyal to WWE but still watches a little bit of that TNA bullshit, since wrestling is his life. Sorry, assholes, but he's actually sober this go-around. Hey, if you're going to that MWF show where Sheik is doing a Q&A, please film it and put it up on Youtube. Oh, what am I saying? Of course it's gonna make its way on the net. Everything does.