Sunday, July 1, 2007

Money Talk, Money Walk

Sheik shooting on that medicine man, Ric Flair. Gotta love it. Fuck that asshole, Billy Robinson, for trying to break Sheiky Baby's leg. Sheik not liking bullshitters like Flair. Gotta love it. I hope he continues to shoot on these assholes. As Flair tries to get some kinda love on Howard Stern [see that episode with Chris Kanyon, a new gay Greek man from Astoria, Queens], Sheiky Baby is getting love from that Jew. The world works in mysterious ways, I'm telling you.

Bahahahaha "no comment". Elizabeth is awesome. Too bad she's dead, too. Dead wrestlers are a trend that I don't see ending. Nice to see guys are doing their part to end it. Oh, wait...

I like how Sheik is smart enough to see through Ted's religious gimmick. Come on, how the hell is this holier-than-thou guy going to take a job with Vince after shitting on him and his television shows repeatedly? It's not like they didn't have blatently exploitative stuff on their shows while he was an agent, anyway. It's not real hard to notice that most of these wrestlers are the biggest bullshit cons out there and if it isn't hard for a cracked-out broken down wrestler to figure it out, then maybe those idiots in his congregation need to start figuring it out, too.

Actually, maybe they shouldn't. Dibiase has perfected the art of the work without taking any bumps with this religious crap. Although it's pretty deplorable, I like to see that he's using his prior job skills in his new career path.

Piper being Sheik's medicine man is tremendous. He's got a lot of love for guys that he did a lot of drugs with, but I can see why. You're on the road for 80-some-odd days straight, so those bonds are gonna be tight, regardless. Fuck Andre, peace to all the medicine men.

I'm pretty sure Lorraine Bracco was a lot hotter on the Sopranos than in this movie.

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