Thursday, May 31, 2007

Toyota Commercial

Damn, he really was a mainstream star during the peak of his career. He could've parlayed his wrestling fan into becoming one of those dudes on Hollywood Squares. He'd make that show a million times more funnier than that Jim J. Bullock guy.

SHEIKY VALUE: This is great for the jumping and for "UNBEATABLE FREEDOM!" Chances are that you've never done a Toyota commercial! A great accomplishment for the patron saint of all drug-addled professional wrestlers.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A great Iron Sheik promo

Iron Sheik at the Totally Tool Wrestling show in 2006! I must say that it's funny to see the streamer around his arm that he seems to completely ignore. Like, when I'm that age, will I be the same way? The USA Olympics pin on his jacket is fucking great, too. I want it so I can bamboozle people into thinking that I went to Munich, Germany and became an Olympic champwhen. Anyhow, this also has future superstar Larry Sweeney, whose last name becomes mangled by Sheik. The ten count to Bruiser and Crusher is tremendous. I loved all of this.


Hmm, I had this huge rant that I just deleted that kinda defended Sheik for all his craziness, but I think I'll just not do it at this very moment.

Oh, right, the video! Joey Eastman booked Sheik and did not exploit him, which was wonderful. Sheik's micwork is underrated as I don't know too many men in their mid-60s that can rile himself up in front of a few hundred people. I hope I have that kinda courage when I am cashing my AARP checks.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


It's amazing how the Sheik Youtube phenomenon really took over. Our first of MANY music videos featuring the most over-used phrase on the internets, drunken gatherings and professional wrestling shows was only 3 or 4 months later. It's amazing how people just gravitate towards things until they really don't become funny anymore. Sheik's said "make him humble" more times than Dave Chappelle said "I'm Rick James, bitch!", but people still love hearing it as long as he continues to use that threat towards more people than Brian Blair. But yeah, this video was funny if you listen to some internet radio show. Chances are that you don't, but don't worry, you're not missing a thing.

SHEIKY VALUE: The beginning of a new era of Youtube love. Let us not deny where it came from, people. Acknowledgement is only the first step or something. Yeah.

Monday, May 28, 2007

No, I don't know either.

I don't know why this was labeled The Iron Sheik, but all I can say is this may impress some, but I can guarantee these will be seventeen seconds that you will regret wasting on watching this shit.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

The First of Many Renditions to Come

This young man seems drunk off his ass while doing his rendition of our favorite video of all time, all my life. On a scale of 1-10, this was a 6. I know there will be controversy involving why this video was placed, bbecause, yeah, this website is all about the Iron Sheik on Youtube. However, the affect that the guy has on the culture of drunken douchebags and assorted drug-addled counter-culture is also part of this, as far as how I have categorized it in my mind. I don't just want to celebrate Sheik, but the followers and imitators, even if it means listening to their lackluster versions of one man's meaningful rant. Well, meaningful to him.

Sheiky At It Again

I believe this was at some convention in California, but I am way too lazy to figure out for sure. All I know is that Sheiky Baba doesn't seem to give a shit and is more than happy to address "DHETPAWNKJEHBRONEHFEHHG" Brian Blair. Of course, the requisite spitting is involved. Is that the infamous Tony Tacalone sitting next to him. Conventions are just weird things to go to. I think it's as funny looking at the different reactions of people listening to our favorite speaker of Farsi rant.

SHEIKY VALUE: This was pretty funny, as well. But the brevity of the clip takes awayv from the genius of this former 181.5 pound AAU Greco-Roman champion. I am about 150% sure that Sheik's rant prior to the video beginning was tremendous. All we get is the ending, which is fine and all, but I enjoy a five minute Sheik rant.

But this clip is perfectly fine and just tremendous.

It's what the world needs.

What I've always wanted to know from this clip was what he was saying in the beginning. "Salculuntea" doesn't sound like a real word. Maybe Sheik's own personal vocabulary is even more mixed up than we, the Youtube enthusiasts, even know. I wonder how he discusses the plight of Muslims from the persecution of Serbs. No, I will continue on that tangent because I realize that I am entirely too ignorant to have a logical point to make on a subject that I even know little about. And if there's one thing that this blog is celebrating, it's the ignorance of our incredibly entertaining subject. And a whole buncha things that would be very intriguing for a 45-minute sociology class that half the students are taking in order to fulfill a liberal arts pre-requisite.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Wrestlecrap Allstars: Lex Luger vs The Iron Sheik

Hey, everyone! I'm really trying to make this blog work because I know there is a need for extensive analysis of everything dealing with Sheiky videos. Please help me out and click on the ad on the bottom or if you don't, then I guess I'll have to rely on my real-life job in order to pay my bills. Whatever. Anyhow, some guy from that Wrestlecrap forum made this. You got highlights of Lex Luger's infamous promo from Billy Firehawk's Cyperspace group, Iron Sheik's MWF shoot and something involving Bret Hart and hypnosis.

SHEIKY VALUE: This wasn't all that. I guess it's funny when you watch it the first time, but I never really got with it enough to want to watch this ever again. Right.

Friday, May 25, 2007


So Sheik and a buncha white people including SANTA go to a mall and he gives out autographs. He always proceeds to run down Hogan using many expletives that are bleeped. What's interesting as while the curses are bleeped, the video proudly displays an advertisement for some porn wrestling site. I don't get it.

SHEIKY VALUE: The editing of the venom that spews from the mouth of our favorite moustachioed Iranian hurt my soul. It's something truly sad and unfortunate. However, the confrontation at the end with blurred out mall security looks like tremendous footage. Seeing Sheik hobble out while ranting about being disabled is kinda sad, but not sad enough for me to donate more spare change for the Ronald McDonald House.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Iron Sheik goes nuts

This was uploaded by the infamous KaneRobot over a year ago and somehow became one of the most popular clips on Youtube during the time that it's been up. Can you believe there's been over 250,000 views of this clip? Me neither. I doubt Sheiky really understands how big the phenomenon is, but I have always entertained the possibility that he is secretly an entrepreneur who decided to mock-exploit himself in order to take over the internets and build his legend up to the likes of what he's believes are his contemporaries: Gholamreza Takhti, Muhammad Ali and Michael Jordan. Well, maybe not Takhti, but hey, if the man can become revered all due to shitting all over the lesser-known Killer Bee, then why not?

SHEIKY VALUE: This is still the pinnacle of all Iron Sheik rants. Don't let anyone else fool you! Sheik makes sure to tell us that he wrestled in front of 93,000 people in the Pontiac Silverdome. And that he respects Jim Brunzell, but not Brian Blair. But the threat of anal rape is likely what makes us all laugh, chuckle, giggle or shake our heads in disbelief, but it captured the attention of thousands of people. This is all so very brilliant. When your children grow up, play this for them and learn about the legend.

Jimmy Snuka versus Sheiky and L'artiste

L'artiste is some Canadian wrestler named Phil Latio and he is really the only loser in this tremendous match of titans that are Snuka and Sheik. Snuka does his impressive-for-an-old-man leapfrogging and Sheik is wearing a tremendous wrestling singlet while ruthlessly attacking poor Jimmy. In the end, only one man gets pinned and it should be too hard to guess who it is.

SHEIKY VALUE: Decent, if only for Sheik yelling at Latio to hold up Snuka while cursing at him. However, not enough trademark Sheik punches and not enough anti-American slogans screaming out of his mouth.


We will review every Iron Sheik video and give our thoughts on it in long, unreadable diatribes that will go ignored on possibly the most retarded blog on the internet.

But it doesn't matter right now. We thank YOU for being a part of this. We will start from the first video ever uploaded about Sheik and continue forth with HOPEFULLY a review everyday unless one of us or the other goes on vacation. Then, our cats Conan and Brooklyn will be in charge.

That MIGHT be kinda hard for them to do. But look at them and see if YOU think they're up for the job. Or just wait for the humans to type, instead.