Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sheiky At It Again

I believe this was at some convention in California, but I am way too lazy to figure out for sure. All I know is that Sheiky Baba doesn't seem to give a shit and is more than happy to address "DHETPAWNKJEHBRONEHFEHHG" Brian Blair. Of course, the requisite spitting is involved. Is that the infamous Tony Tacalone sitting next to him. Conventions are just weird things to go to. I think it's as funny looking at the different reactions of people listening to our favorite speaker of Farsi rant.

SHEIKY VALUE: This was pretty funny, as well. But the brevity of the clip takes awayv from the genius of this former 181.5 pound AAU Greco-Roman champion. I am about 150% sure that Sheik's rant prior to the video beginning was tremendous. All we get is the ending, which is fine and all, but I enjoy a five minute Sheik rant.

But this clip is perfectly fine and just tremendous.

It's what the world needs.

What I've always wanted to know from this clip was what he was saying in the beginning. "Salculuntea" doesn't sound like a real word. Maybe Sheik's own personal vocabulary is even more mixed up than we, the Youtube enthusiasts, even know. I wonder how he discusses the plight of Muslims from the persecution of Serbs. No, I will continue on that tangent because I realize that I am entirely too ignorant to have a logical point to make on a subject that I even know little about. And if there's one thing that this blog is celebrating, it's the ignorance of our incredibly entertaining subject. And a whole buncha things that would be very intriguing for a 45-minute sociology class that half the students are taking in order to fulfill a liberal arts pre-requisite.

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