Monday, May 24, 2010

Give us your Iron Sheik memories

Since we're all fans of Sheiky Baby, I think it wise to ask you all if you've got memories from all over the years about the man. It could be from watching him on television or meeting the man in person. If you've got photos taken or just have a thought, whether positive or negative, I'll post them here. So feel free to comment here or email at ! The picture above was taken by Seth Kushner.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

A fake Sheik response

Danny Demanto, your Sheik impression is better than your real gimmick. Kid wrestled Jerry Lynn at the fake Elks Lodge in Queens and was fucking terrible. Poor Jerry. Only thing worse was seeing his valet Tammy Sytch living off whatever was left of her 16 month peak in the wrestling business.

Fight News: Iron Sheik

Sheiky gets interviewed by the Canadian channel, Fight Network, where they ask him what he's up to while he's at the Wizard World convention. Sheik proudly shows up his picture with Arnold Schwarzenegger and well as that Olympic hankerchief. Jian apparently was interrupting Sheiky, but who really knows. Hulk Hogan is apparently a "gay bar bouncer", but Fight Network censored that for us because obviously that kind of language is homophobic and we wouldn't want our children and mentally handicapped adults to start spewing Sheik's verbiage at the local Kroger, Aldi, Walmart, Rite Aid or Wawa. Okay maybe Wawa.

Typical Internet Famewhore

This bitch wants Iron Sheik to acknowledging her presence on the internet in order to barter a chairshot to the head. Hey listen bitch, I actually know a girl who took a chairshot to the head and actually got a payday at an indie show. Listen, I am all for someone getting in the head with a chair, but it ain't for dead presidents, then you're a dumb famewhore bitch riding the coattails of the real champwhen.


It's been 2 years and 1 day since my post here. And what has changed since then?

The Iron Sheik is still insane.
He has a whole new generation of interested 20 somethings who are willing to buy him weed, beer and coke whenever he stumbles into a convention.
Howard Stern doesn't really have much to do with him these days.
Sheik has been on Raw a couple of times.
And he, along with quite a few members of his immediate family, have been found on Facebook.

So what does this mean? Well, there's a shitload more information out there to be reviewed. I should start again. I have a follower now, which is important. Follow me and I will make it worth your while. I promise, really.