Sunday, July 29, 2007

No Wine To Drink For This Post, Sorry

Had an awesome Friday night at Coney Island filled with drinking, smoking and an intense walk along the beach at 2 in the morning. If you ever have a chance, then please come out here and experience the greatness of this ghetto amusement park. You've got rides accompanied by late-90's rap music, the rickety Cyclone, the bars that children run in and out of [props to Ruby's] and, most importantly, a boardwalk where no one gives a shit if you're strolling with a 40 oz. cup of Coors Light while holding a cigarette in your hand. The fireworks created an unusual fog, but with how most of my night kinda went, the fog seemed all too appropriate.

Sheik's anger is amazing here. Like, damn, you're, like, 62 years old and are just so angry. I hope I'm a lot calmer when I get around that age. It's amazing that Sheik hasn't gotten a stroke yet while dudes like Terry Gordy and Chris Champion got strokes before reaching the age of 40. Nikolai taking things in stride is awesome and should not be overlooked when watching this particular video. Even if he did call that guy a jerk.

The adventures of this pair in the WWF look like something out of the Odd Couple; I don't think it's hard to figure out which one is Oscar and which one is Felix. These guys rolled as hated heels that the company loved but never book above the mid-card level, but they made a huge impression on racist assholes and impressionable children: that figured all Russians and Iranians acted like flag-wearing jackasses who would sing their national anthem at the drop of a hat.

You might remember this chick from an old clip interviewing the Sheik at the Comic Con. She's back and interviewing a bunch of people in this clip. None of it is really interesting, but lots of these dudes are pretty odd and unusual. I think this chick will be going nowhere as her ill-fated career moves lead to a closer path to filling out her name and number on a napkin for a future job as a cashier at Food World. Hey, whatever works.

Anyways, see you later and let me know how that Lifetime movie about the girl who gets killed by that dude was.

Friday, July 27, 2007


What a crazy week it's been here at Iron Sheik Youtube Review. One link changed our lives forever as the blog got like a million hits from places as far off as, uh, some pedophile's basement in Seattle. But sincerely, I appreciate every single one of you readers from taking the time out of your wonderful lives to come check this blog out. I promise nothing but lots of posts, lots of videos, racial insensitivity and other very important bullshit.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to do so. I get off on it, really.

This will be a post-free blog for the weekend, so why not go through all the pages of posts and read everything that I wrote from before if you're someone new here. Otherwise, whatever. I'm going to Coney Island tonight to see fireworks and get drunk and get stoned and eat Nathan's hot dogs. It shall be awesome because it's got that awesome old-timey feel there that you don't get enough of in New York City. So, if you see a brown man with scraggly facial hair, then come over and say "Hi" so I can nod at you uncomfortably and walk away while thinking, "hmm...maybe that wasn't such a good idea....".

Alright, I'm done.

One last thing:


Thursday, July 26, 2007

Carry On Tradition

Life takes you to different, weird places. Sheik went from Iran all the way to Minnesota, just to get away from the political strife going on in that country. Sheik had even said himself, "Iran broke my heart". When you're putting your life on the line for Farah Pahlavi [or her son] and something happens to force a change in power, the likelihood of having the opportunity to advance financially becomes threatened, at least in the short term.

So if even Khosrow Vaziri was working for peanuts [or $500 a week, as he claimed] for the University of Minnesota, the risk was worth it. Looking back, was it really the right decision for the man? Who really knows. But that long trip led him to work for Gagne and travel all around the world. Even if means wrestling in front of the legendary rabid fans of Puerto Rico.

Colon really impressed me here. So did the ref. And Sheik did his "calm down" hand motion which riles up the fans even more. That's my favorite part of his heel schtick. Check out Colon jumping from the ring over the top rope to the floor just to land a punch on the Sheik's fat head. That's what's great about wrestling. And that's something that's being lost - whatever "that" is. You know.

Believablity in wrestling is something that will never come back in America. Things are just too hokey, the camera angles are too business-exposing and wrestling fans creep the fuck out of 4 out of 10 readers of the Wall Street Journal.

But at least it's good to think to yourself, "hey, this shit was pretty cool at one time". Like when I was a slacker in college and watched ECW. Or around the time that Tiger Ali Singh decided to rep for the brown man while cutting Dusty Rhodes-like promos in Punjabi. It's true; Singh was the Dusty of all the dotheads. Even if Bradshaw shit in his turban.

The weekend is right around the corner. I can't wait. Hopefully, another Sheiky video post and some links to some great places. Until then, please stop hitting on that 16-year-old girl on AOL. It's only going to lead to bad things, man.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Camel Clutch

This move might be really awesome because Our Hero did it and other people [or as every black person seems to call them "niggas"] that also get respect like Gori Guerrero and the Original Sheik and the homie, Sgt. Slaughter.

But you've gotta face facts sometimes. Sheik even admitted it when made those threats against Brian Blair. I know it's hard to come to terms with this. Sleepless nights, huh? Unable to grasp the fact even after all these long and cruel months? Did you lack of hunger turn into a full-fledged protest? It's okay, but I understand. But let's get through the cold, hard facts.

The camel clutch is really fucking gay.

But it definitely looks like it hurts. Like, damn, you could really hurt someone's back doing it. Even if Sheik really did put Jim Brunzell in the clutch, I'm sure he's fantasized about Brian Blair and his ass as many times as he's said it on video. That definitely seems kinda scary.

Apparently, the Japanese have taken advantage of this rather uncomfortable position by flipping the script in almost-pornographic nature. Maybe they invented apartment wrestling, too. Maybe that's where legendary slant-eyed women like, um, that scary lady from GLOW who also did that one episode of Married with Children got trained. I don't know her name but I'm sure some creepy Asian-women-fighting enthusiast will tell me who she is in 17 months.

So I've decided to make a drawing in order for this blog's vastly wrestling-intelligent [and real-world-weary] audience to tell me who this is. Please, look at this with an open mind because I tried my best. Thanks!

Anyways, here's some Japanese women doing the camel clutch. Not Safe For Wife. And it is really strange, too.

When Gori Guerrero created this move, did he ever think that bikini-clad and no-ass-having psuedo-pornstars with unusually-positioned eyes would be performing it for the pleasure of dudes who like seeing women uncomfortably grab onto each other? I don't know, but I think he should have been given at least a quarter for everytime someone has performs it. Even if it's for creepy Japanese apartment wrestling aficionados.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I Hate Morons, I Love Wu-Tang

Great news! One link from a highly-read wrestling website brought, like, five times as many visitors over the span of the last few hours of Monday night than I usually get all day. I cried many tears of joy throughout the night, knowing full well that all my hard-work throughout the years trolling messageboards, frantically scribbling on my desk in High School Spanish and repeatedly playing Wu-Tang Clan's "Bring The Ruckus" while strolling into my Business Journalism finally paid off for me.

Regardless, it shows that there's at least some weird interest in this blog, so I can either gloat and eat myself to death like Marlon Brando or continue on my merry way and hopefully use this blog to fatten my wallet. Retiring early is a huge priority for me, so if you click on that little blue box on the bottom left hand corner a million times, I'll mail you my VHS copy of "The Best of Christopher Daniels in Japan". Or, better yet, my VHS copy of "SLC Punk". C'mon, you know you want to see Matthew Lillard's crowning achievement.

I'm still chargin' you for shipping and handling, damn it. I've already assured my future offspring that it will live in luxury.

Right, the Iron Sheik; the star of this blog. He wrestles Butch Reed here for probably Fritz Von Erich's World Class Championship Wrestling. It's the last 4 and a half minutes of wrestling, but it shows how really simple wrestling was back in the day. Now, every false finish has to include some ridiculous move that would have been a finisher 10 years ago.

The style back then seems to connect to the audience more than it does now. Of course, fans believed that it was real. But I think if you let fans see things in a slower pace, then it's more appreciated. That's why I'll never be a fan of these miniature Japanese men doing seventeen moves in two minutes. Or whatever these Ring of Honor dudes are doing these days.

Yeah, I know I'm just talking out of my ass here, but all I know is the wrestling I grew up with really makes today's wrestling look like crap. My old man rant is over and you can all think that I'm a dinosaur now. Just know that "Dinosaurs" was one of my favorite shows before you stare lovingly at that Harry Potter poster taped on your bedroom ceiling, jackass.

We're Not Really Inspired

For the last few months here at Iron Sheik Youtube Review, we've promised a lot of ridiculous reviews of ridiculous videos. Ridiculous Iron Sheik videos.

Why? Because the world didn't need them. I mean, it's pretty obvious that the internet is full of self-important websites purporting to cover a subject in a thoughtful and passionate way. But I tend to think there are too many humor websites on the internet.

People try their hardest to be funny and shit, but I think they're probably straining to keep up with a tone that they might have long passed with either a higher demand for content or, usually, just being bored with posting things to an audience that is just gonna point-and-click at something else, probably into that secret folder on their hard drive with the trannie porn. The one that their mom doesn't know about. Okay, maybe their dad does.

Shemale videos aside, people are a fickle bunch, but it's been well over a year since the first insane Sheik video hit the net and, here we are, still talking about him. The guy's going to be on Howard Stern soon, while Ric Flair sulks after taking another shitty backdrop from some nervous rookie. Unbelievable.

Seriously, this dude gave the best Sheik impression ever all-time all my life. Even though he started laughing because this is all incredibly retarded, he still got all the catchphrases correct, maintained broken English and added in all those little phrases about Newman, Regis Philbin, black brothers and all the other Jews. This kid must have a lot of time, but I think he's got a huge future in Sheik impersonations. The outfit was also perfect and I have only kind things to say about his moustache. Maybe he does weddings?

Thanks to Sean the Mic from Declaration of Independents for providing a link to this fucked-up blog. Hope you new readers stick around and tell your fucking parents or guidance counselors or other depraved social outcast buddies about this, but if you don't, I won't feel too bad. It would be a shame to get depressed that someone decided to jerk off to disturbing porno over watching insane Sheik videos and reading my commentary.

Monday, July 23, 2007


Told you the weekend would not be about the blog. Went over to Coney Island on Friday night, drank 5 beers, saw fireworks and was a drunk Bengali man whose hip hurt the next morning. It was a great night. And I did laundry and watched Great American Bash on PPV. Like that's the only thing that I'll pay money for. When it comes to MMA, I will just watch that shit through other methods.

The world has been clamoring for more Sheik video reviews and I am surprised to find this site linked from weird Google ads on Russian celebrity sites of Wendi Richter and Jimmy Snuka, but that is awesome, regardless. Oh yeah, I am looking for as many Sheik videos of Youtube so, people, go out of your way to take video footage of the man. It'll keep this blog running for eternity. But I don't want to start getting videos in 10 years from people filming his fucking tombstone and screaming "I MAKE HEEM HUMBELL FROM DEH DEAD" or whatever. Like I'll review it, but I have no problems with calling people fucking assholes, so in that instance, I would call you a fucking asshole. Sounds reasonable, right?

I enjoyed this if only because after Sheik says "cameraman zoom", his photo begins to get larger. I love the Breakfast Club; my high school had stuckup Asians who thought they were better than everybody, black people who thought they were better than everybody, white people who did not trust the black kids and white people who wanted to be the black kids.

I wonder if Sheik was the man in high school and, possibly, fucking burqa-wearing Iranian women after school. Hey, I saw a rather well-known athlete in my high school take a freshman into the bathroom one day...and then brag about grabbing her breasts. So I don't think my scenario would be all that unbelievable.

This was some damn good footage from Mid South Wrestling. I don't know who the guy in the ring with Sheik sitting on the chair is. Probably Terry Taylor or some other jabronie like Mike Boyette? Al Perez? I'm sure someone out there knows. Skandor Akbar cuts a hell of a promo and challenges JYD. And the JYD/Sheik match goes down and it's damn good. Dog moved then about as good as Cena moves in the ring now, which is a compliment. Bill Watts calling Grizzly Smith the matchmaker is interesting since I thought Smith was just a road agent for him.

Now, I'm gonna start doing some work after an hour and half of slacking off. Back sometime soon with another post that will serve as only a diversion from what I'm actually getting paid to do.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Friday's Alright For Linking

Yeah, it's time for links. I take it easy because I can. Weekends should not be about the blog, it should be about enjoying the weekend. But I bet some of you are alone. Don't worry, these links shall hopefully cheer you up.

Sex Dolls and Guys - dudes like dolls over women and it is mad sick, yo.

Ron Paul for President - I dunno, Doom recommended it.

Justin Shapiro Knows Everything - No, really.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Whatcha Gonna Do, Kramer?

This is still a Sheik Youtube Blog so, please, bear with me.

Remember when Kramer called black people 'niggers' at the Comic Factory in L.A. in 2006? It was huge!

I wonder what other character actors have uttered racial epithets in front of a whole gathering of people at a comedy club? Probably not too many. Even after all these months, I still can't believe that it went down. But it caused a lot of people to speak up and say something about the incident, whether it be entertainers, politicians, feminists, racists masquerading under the facade of "black nationalists"....and the Iron Sheik.

How are you going to piss Iron Sheik like that, huh, Kramer? Sheik is reppin' for all the black brothers, including Sonny King, Muhammad Ali and Junkyard Dog. It's amazing that Sheik is leading the fight against all racists. None of these rappers really said anything particularly relevant. If they did, it was probably some idle threat in rhyme form. I'd be more scared of Sheik threatening to stick his penis in my asshole than some mixtape rapper saying some slick shit in iambic pentameter.

Kramer, you better watch your ass. No homo.

This is some unfunny spliced video. You really don't have to watch this.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Of course, there will be more.

Sheik really hates Andre. You know this and I know this. Probably more than Hogan since Andre used to make Sheik's life miserable in the ring, according to Bobby Heenan. I don't think I've ever heard of Hogan being uncooperative or whatever, but that's a path of thinking that bores me right about now so I'll move on.

These videos are groundbreaking. After you watch these, please go out of your way to alert your parents, friends, brothers, sisters, cousins, guidance counselors and weed dealers. ESPN asskisser Dan Le Batard interviewed Our Hero and queried the fine individual on his feelings on Mr. Brian Blair. Sheik had apparently reconciled with the former Killer Bee, so there shall not be any anal intrusions on Sheik's part. Unless there's some demented porno out there from when he wrestled for Ole Anderson.

But, please, ladies, Sheik doesn't fool around too much because he's married.

More stuff from that idiot Le Batard, but at least, it's him interviewing Sheiky Baby. Sheik jokingly threatens to fuck Dan up the ass, which is nice. It shows that he is in the joke. Maybe he's not as crazed as people think he is. That would be great to know that he worked the whole internet and may actually be a great philosopher, scholar and svengali. Hahaha, Sheik still goes out of his way to call Blair a jabronie and even if he forgives Hogan, the man still broke his heart.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Digging Gold?

We all have situations that irk us, so we bitch about them to our close friends. Whether it's relationship issues, problems at work or whatever, there's definitely a small group of friends (or maybe just one) that an individual will trust to listen to their deeply personal problems.

With our Hero, Sheik will just tell the whole world. If he's got an issue with something, then it doesn't matter who is asking. It certainly appears that anything that should be kept private will eventually come out if you put a camera in front of Sheiky Baby. That's why this blog is around, but it's very unique that this guy appears to not have the ability to keep his mouth shut on some topics. Honestly, how many people out there would regale an audience of wrestling fans (or just anybody) with stories of drug abuse?

Not surprisingly, this next video brings up a decidedly personal subject: Sheik accuses his wife, Caryl, of stealing his royalty check. Now, there's a lot of things that I find deplorable, but this accusation seems quite troubling. Like I know people, especially the elderly, have to deal with a lot, but finding out your own wife has stolen your money is pretty fucked up.

So, should Caryl Vaziri be looked at with scorn? I don't really know because it's really none of our business anyway. But Sheik decided to bring his personal life on this shoot (as well his RF shoot, which was taped a few months ago and currently on sale). I don't think I could bring that up to anybody but an attorney. And for once, I actually feel sorry for his two daughters that this information can be found through a few point-and-clicks.

Okay, the part about Sophia Loren was pretty funny.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday the 13th

Yeah, it's that time again. I never really watched any of those Jason Voorhees movies growing up. All I remember from my childhood is a lot of Darkwing Duck, Perfect Strangers and pro wrestling. Also, when I'd watch baseball and some announcer (probably Ralph Kiner or Tim McCarver) would call a dude like Darren Daulton or Andy Van Slyke a "veteran". Then I'd think, "oh, wow, they went to war for our country!" I must have been a real idiot. Now, I'm an idiot on a keyboard, but at least I can look back on my past idiocies and find it somewhat humorous.

I noticed the "Flag Blog" feature on the bar above all these Blog*Spot blogs and wondered if anybody here would narc on me because I say the word "fag" a lot, so I decided to read the help feature here to see what would happen. I guess these people are pretty cool with things, so I am thrilled. Too often our society decides to kowtow to some heavy-handed minority. As far as I see it, everybody is a minority anyway. You've got some conservatives, some homosexuals, some liberals, some al-Qaeda members and some alcoholics that are just browsing through the thousands of blogs here so I'd imagine that someone's gonna get offended.

Have a great weekend, everybody. Check out the links when you can.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

More Unsurprising Instances of Jealousy!

Damn you Hulk Hogan for everything that you did to the Iron Sheik! How dare you use steroids while lying to children with the testosto! Okay, I am kidding. Maybe it's because I am tired of having to talk about Hogan. He's in his multi-million dollar home with his wife and son while his daughter is going out and getting fake titties while attempting to become a pop sensation. Apparently, Brooke's album "Undiscovered" really did tank (Ranked #61,789 on Amazon!, supposedly only sold 60,000 copies in the US!) and her record company SoBe just dropped her ass. I'd provide pictures of her new boobed out titties, but I am pretty bored and there's superior jackoff material elsewhere.

It's apparently true that the National Enquirer did do a story on Warrior being a male prostitute in Georgia. Sheik can talk shit with the best of them is what I think. I used to think rap music was the best form of shittalking, but Eminem may have ruined putdowns forever after hearing his endless, unlistenable songs trashing Mariah Carey and other harmless pop stars.

And at least Sheik never asked for any sympathy. When that dude rapped "Have you ever been hated or discriminated against, I have", I had to roll my eyes. He doesn't make me hate white people or anything, but steering your audience to find sympathy for you when you're the one calling people faggots and shit is kinda fucked up. Eminem can have all the money in the world, but he still has less integrity than our crack-smoking, somewhat homophobic and ring-rat-short-arm-clotheslining Iranian deity.

Hogan definitely did lie on Arsenio Hall. I loved watching Arsenio when I was a kid. The set was great! Arsenio would bring on black guys as guests. The show was the first time that I recognized that Patrick Ewing was a fucking monster. Basketball is the only sport which I can definitely acknowledge as being a freakshow. C'mon, 7-foot motherfuckers running up and down a court to put a ball through a god-damn hoop. Maybe someone will call me a racist.

No, it's okay. Really.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

No, I can't believe that it's Tuesday either

This match is obviously notable because our Hero defeated that Howdy Doody, Bob Backlund. I really don't understand why Backlund decided to change his look from underwear to singlet, but he is in great condition, regardless. No one can take away his accomplishments, but the crowd really does seem a little burned out on him. Vince really did the right thing for his business by giving the title to Sheiky Baba, not the Giant Baba.

I fucking hate videogames. Well, not all videogames. Mario Kart is like the only game that I can play kinda decently, but even then, I finish 7th out of 9th or whatever. But it's all good. Maybe it's better to be a wrestling fanatic than a video game fanatic. But if gamers can get their own channel that they don't have to pay for, then yeah, I guess wrestling fans are somewhat lower on the totem pole of social acceptance. Someone teach me how to jump over that space between the blocks in Super Mario already; I'm always falling down.

So this mulatto chick talks to Sheik and seems kinda annoying. What I like about this video is knowing that she is probably the one chick that is being held on a pedestal by the social outcasts over there. It's not really farfetched to believe someone there was entertaining thoughts about eating her asshole. Maybe Tony Tacalone???

Bahahaha Sheik got a little too angry at Nikolai and Hulk. Why can't I just move on to the next internet legend? Instead, I still find all of these angry Sheik clips incredibly funny. Maybe I just have a soft spot for angry old people. Well, except my grandparents.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Where do we go from here?

THIS JUST IN: Sheik is pissed off at Dan Miloni. No, I refuse to call him by his real last name. As far as I am concerned, he is Dan Miloni. How the fuck are you going to treat the legend like this? Fuck Miloni and that jew jabronie, Doctor Von Johnson. How are you going to not invite the legend into Applebee's? This is completely unfair.

But what DID Sheiky Baby eat AT Applebee's??? This is what I'd like to know. Does he just drink beers, eat Snickers bars and possibly eat Ramen noodles. Who knows? It's one of life's eternal questions, I guess. Unfortunate, isn't it? We've uncovered all the tales that Sheiky has regaled about Takhti, Volkoff and Russian figure skaters, but we haven't figured this out just yet. Too bad he couldn't run down his preferences when it comes to ordering at Applebee's.

He loved the Original Sheik and Sabu. Apparently, some people are getting all up in arms because he called them "cousin" and "nephew", respectively. It's really just an Islamic/cultural thing that even I have used as an obvious brown man talking about close family friends. Listening to this makes me know Sheiky Baby is a true Brother, not in the Islamic sense, but just the cultural sense. Just like the Jihadi vendors that give me my lunch every afternoon and not like the Pakistani assholes on midtown Manhattan that will charge you over $2.95 for a bag of chips and a Diet Coke. I know, man.

And finally, a few words from PG-13:

Friday, July 6, 2007

It's a Friday

No videos today because I'm lazy. Just wanted to say thanks to everybody who's come by to check out the videos and commentary. I really appreciate it. Please check out the links on the left side and there's really some great stuff out there.

Peace to Gholamreza Takhti.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

A Better Side

Sheik explains to us about how he got that white cross he's holding in his hand. Apparently, some black person asked him for an autograph, but didn't have the money and only had the cross. Sheik gladly made the trade and has proudly kept the cross for twenty years. What's kinda neat is that Sheik will gladly smoke up with you as he does with people from Late Night Giggin.

Like how many Hall of Famers of anything are hanging with dudes 30 years younger than them? Probably not many, but the desire to smoke various drugs probably does help to bring generations together. Religion doesn't use drugs to bring outsiders into their way of thinking, you've still got to consider the telepathic powers of dudes like Benny Hinn and Joel Olsteen,who do just fine when it comes to influencing people. They're going to do whatever they can to get you to buy into their shit and, hopefully, you'll spend a few bucks on prayer napkins and self-help books and Psalm-reciting vibrators. That's right, Psalm-reciting vibrators! Hopefully, you'll climax before the pocket rocket's voice gets even more vitrolic. I bet it starts out on an even-keeled Mister Rogers style of voice and then, turns into T.D. Jakes after 30 minutes of monotonous tremors from its motor.

So I guess a little medicine isn't gonna hurt anyone other than yourself. You might meet a new friend; seems Sheik does okay when it comes to socializing himself with people who either have a lot of respect for his many accomplishments or just dudes who want to smoke up or dudes who have a lot of respect for him AND want to smoke up with him just because. I wonder how many fans want to smoke up with those DX guys. I definitely see HHH being too much of a narc for drug-inhaling wrestling fans to ever feel comfortable to invite him to smoke up in their grandmother's Oldsmobile, regardless of that "outlaw" DX facade. And Shawn Michaels? Yeah, he's like your dad.

Amazingly, Sheik seems more ready to accept people's habitual cannibus usage than the guys who led girls to pull their tops up and tell pre-pubescent boys to cross their forearms or wrists over their crotches while gleefully playing with a kielbasa.

And you know what? That doesn't bother me one bit.

Sunday, July 1, 2007


Sheik's bitterness only matches his love for his medicine men, Roddy Piper and Bob Orton Jr. It's always good to see that there is that love. It's all you can hope to find in this crazy world we live in. Everyday that he's alive is a good day, because he is alive, while the man that made his life a living hell is 6 feet under. Fair enough.

Adrian Adonis, another medicine man, did way too many drugs. It's great to know Sheik's love of his gimmick never turned him into the blanket wearing rug inspector that Adonis turned out to be in Boston. Trying in vein to find a little bit more coke seems kinda fucked up, though.

Hahahahaha, Putski's a jabronie who loves the garlic gimmick. I know he was roided too much, but I didn't expect him to be into "HA HA HA GAH GAH GAH". No, I didn't really get that either. But whatever. God bless King Kong Bundy. Is he still doing the 5-count on the indies?

Pretty damn gay but like many gay things, pretty damn hilarious. Like when you're at a store and you see two gay guys and you're trying to figure out which one is the top and which one is the bottom. Or maybe that's just me. I also think a buncha grown ass men [you could take that in a literal sense] using ultra-effeminate sounding speech is pretty hilarious. Maybe I haven't gotten with the times yet, but fuck you, I will continue to laugh even when others are uncomfortable with it.

After a really weird week for wrestling fans, I think laughter is something that needs to be explored more. And not so much the fucked-up photoshops that these sociopaths have been putting on the net. Just things that doesn't make you feel uncomfortable. I'm gonna continue to try to make the few people who read this regularly enjoy what they read. Sure, there's going to be some not-so-subtle homophobia from Sheiky, but you're not going to see me put up pictures mocking the victims of a murder scene.

One person that has made me laugh throughout the years is Trevor. He's a lot better at being funny than I am, so check out his blog, because he's got great things to say. The things I say are rather piss-poor in comparison, but I think everybody, including myself, has come to that conclusion already.


Money Talk, Money Walk

Sheik shooting on that medicine man, Ric Flair. Gotta love it. Fuck that asshole, Billy Robinson, for trying to break Sheiky Baby's leg. Sheik not liking bullshitters like Flair. Gotta love it. I hope he continues to shoot on these assholes. As Flair tries to get some kinda love on Howard Stern [see that episode with Chris Kanyon, a new gay Greek man from Astoria, Queens], Sheiky Baby is getting love from that Jew. The world works in mysterious ways, I'm telling you.

Bahahahaha "no comment". Elizabeth is awesome. Too bad she's dead, too. Dead wrestlers are a trend that I don't see ending. Nice to see guys are doing their part to end it. Oh, wait...

I like how Sheik is smart enough to see through Ted's religious gimmick. Come on, how the hell is this holier-than-thou guy going to take a job with Vince after shitting on him and his television shows repeatedly? It's not like they didn't have blatently exploitative stuff on their shows while he was an agent, anyway. It's not real hard to notice that most of these wrestlers are the biggest bullshit cons out there and if it isn't hard for a cracked-out broken down wrestler to figure it out, then maybe those idiots in his congregation need to start figuring it out, too.

Actually, maybe they shouldn't. Dibiase has perfected the art of the work without taking any bumps with this religious crap. Although it's pretty deplorable, I like to see that he's using his prior job skills in his new career path.

Piper being Sheik's medicine man is tremendous. He's got a lot of love for guys that he did a lot of drugs with, but I can see why. You're on the road for 80-some-odd days straight, so those bonds are gonna be tight, regardless. Fuck Andre, peace to all the medicine men.

I'm pretty sure Lorraine Bracco was a lot hotter on the Sopranos than in this movie.