Wednesday, October 31, 2007


So basically I've been really lazy because I have a real job, girlfriend, family and those things come first before this blog. When work is slow, I can update this a million fucking times and I'm sure that when I'm a widowed almost-invalid, this blog will be the one thing that I can cling onto while aggressively fighting a move into a nursing home.

For now, I will give you, the people, PART ONE. In a few months, I will give you part 2. But for now, PART ONE. VIDEOS LATER.

Yes, happy FUCKEN Halloween, people. I am dressed up as a stressed-out working brown guy who recaps all of Iron Sheik's many travails on the internet and beyond. Great life, isn't it? Anyways, I told you that I wouldn't let you down. I would provide YOU, the loyal fucking reader with the recap of Sheiky Baby's last appearance on Stern's show. It's not too much to ask of me.

Howard talks about the Sheik's new show on Sirius. Robin notes that she could hear Sheik screaming down the hall. Howard deems him "the world's favorite wrestler". The Sheik is in and Artie is doing impressions already. He's not even coked up. I love the Iranian music. Sheik is very excited about the show, but he may be a little too out of breath which is a theme of this episode. He is angry at Bubba and Artie. He says he is stealing the show every night at Killers of Comedy. He is making $750-$1000. He does 10-15 minutes on the stage, people go crazy afterwards and ask him about jabronies. Sheik has brought autographs which Howard doesn't really care about. Howard talks about Hulk Hogan disrespecting Sheiky. Sheiky says Howard is right and that he was the champ before him. He said that Hogan kissed his ass, but never helped him out. He talks about Hogan backstabbing him after that convention in NJ. He said Hogan lied to him twice. Howard brings up that Sheik did say in a clip that he wanted to fuck the whole Hogan family and that is gay. Sheik says he is misunderstood. Sheik says that is cheap heat and says it must be someone else. He says he is a family man and that he has a good friendship with his wife and daughter. He says he doesn't like Hogan and says something was wrong with his mind. Sheik is very upset and says he would fuck Hogan, not his family, but in a different way using wrestling moves. He says it is cheap heat. He says it is gay, but he would fuck his ass with a beer bottle. He says that the beer bottle way would be not gay. He keeps bringing up Islam. He says he is not like Michael Jackson or Elton John. Sheik is breathing REALLY heavily. He says Vince doesn't decide who wins. Howard brings up Sheik's serious crack problem. Sheik says that he doesn't say no, but since he joined with Howard, he drinks beer, smokes cigarettes and a little bit of weed. The Killers of Comedy say that Sheik gets heavily searched at airports, but he said something about the Captain. Sheik is very mad and showing pictures and looking for what the Captain said about him but can't find it.

Howard wants him to sit down. He asks Sheik how does he convince them that he is not a terrorist. Sheik says he is not Osama or Ahmadinejad.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Why It Took Me 11 Days To Update

I have reasons, really! Don't click away from here before reading my perfectly valid reasons!

1. I went to Atlantic City and spent money on casinos. No, there were no hookers or coke involved.
2. My real-life job has been a huge hassle and I am just aggravated with it. Hopefully, I can one day retain a full-time job as a blogger who doesn't leave his apartment unless he needs to make a cigarette/beer/weed run.
3. I just don't feel like typing anymore in front of a keyboard during the weekend. Oh, wait, I usually don't blog during the weekend anyway!

Okay, time for reviews!

Some conspiracy theorist says that Sheik got a hard-on for real when he put Hogan in the camel clutch. I don't know, this looks mad homo to me. I don't feel comfortable looking at other guy's cocks anyway. Like I'll be at the urinal and I make sure to hide my shit and look straight ahead. It's proper etiquette as long as you're not a Senator in a Minneapolis airport, right? But I must say that I don't believe this "evidence".

Sheiky Baby puts over Pittsburgh, Bruno Sanmartino, Kurt Angle, Terry Bradshaw and the Pittsburgh Steelers here. The Asian guy in the group just looks happy to be there.

So Dave Batista just came on the Channel 11 Morning Show and he looks really tired and just wanted to go to bed. He defended the Wellness Policy and did restate that Mark Henry was reckless with him! WOW. The interview went two minutes and he looked like he'd rather get blown by Melina than be there.

Tomorrow, I will recap the Sheik's appearance on the HOWARD STERN SHOW so come back.

Friday, October 19, 2007

We're Going to Atlantic City

That's right, the IRON SHEIK YOUTUBE REVIEW is going to Atlantic City. There will be lots of laughter and fun as we gamble gamble gamble. Hopefully, by the time I come back, there will be some video or audio from ALL of Sheik's appearance on the Howard Stern show from this past week.

I might put up pictures! Who knows???

Okay BYE.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Recap of the Sheik Show (10/15/2007) And A Call To Arms

What's up, folks? It's been a couple of days and I still can't believe that no one has leaked the Sheik's appearance on the fucking Howard Stern show yet. Where are all the raging fans out there that are supposed to hook me up with mp3s of his appearances, bootleg DVDs produced by accused pedophiles and some good medicine. The only people that have really helped me so far are the following people:

Everybody that I have linked to.
The fuckin' DOI.
Jay-P from Australia.
All my family and friends that have banded together to support this.

But again: WHERE ARE YOU?????

Hook a brother up, man. I provide tremendous recaps of everything while at work and all you've gotta do is scroll through this shit. Just please don't send the Iron Sheik Youtube Review any crack. I'd have to flush it down the toilet or send it to some troll on the internet.

Here's the link that I've put up for the debut of the Sheik:
Now, I shall recap it since this will be awesome. It has to be awesome.

First off, I wanna say that Sheik's theme song for his show is GREAT. It starts off with the Muslim prayers that I tried to drown out of my head back when I was living with my parents and used to irregularly go to the mosque. Then you can hear the Fink announcing the Sheik. How can this go wrong? IT CAN'T, THAT'S WHY.

Shuli, some dude who works on the Stern show, is the co-host and he is surprisingly less-annoying than anything of the people that have been involved with Sheik in one form or another. I almost expect this guy to either be bald or be reveling in full Hasidic garb. Oh yeah, Eric Simms is in the house, as well.

Sheik is happy to be here. He is glad to be on Howard One Hundred and One Radio Station. Shuli wants this show to cut away from all the screaming and yelling. He finds Sheik to be an interesting guy. Shuli takes a call from a guy named Howard who gives much love to Sheik and says it's good to see a revival of his career. He asks Sheik what kind of performer he would be. Sheik says he'd be like Cena or Batista. He puts over the WWE, the young performers and also himself.

Shuli wants serious callers and doesn't want just Brian Blair shit. Some Jewish guy calls. Sheik loves the Jews and Muslims and doesn't wanna talk about religion and politics like Ahmadinejad. The Jew has a question and it is if he holds Vince responsible for the addiction of steroids in wrestling. Sheik compares himself to Angle, Gable and Abdullah Movahed. He says Vince has gotta do something and he misses Guerrero, Henning and Hawk. Sheik is not a doctor so he doesn't know what's going on. He begins to talk about missing Benoit. All Sheik wants to do is pray.

Shuli asks about Benoit. Sheik says that Benoit called him and that he saw Benoit and the Raw before he killed himself. He talks about Benoit training guys and says he is a neighbor of his in Fayetteville, Georgia, along with Orndorff and Regal. He says Benoit wanted him to come over to house since he was lonely. Apparently, they only lives 5 minutes away from each other. He thinks the doctor gave Benoit too much testorone or uppers or downers. Sheik's disgusted that Benoit roided up Daniel and killed him and his wife. He didn't ever think Benoit could ever do it. He's confused. Benoit broke Sheik's heart. He can't fucking forget about it. He says he can't forgive or forget Benoit for killing his wife and son. He says if Benoit was mad at himself, then he should've just been a man and killed himself. Sheik gets all wound up during this, as usual. What we can learn from this is that you shouldn't kill your kid.

Derek in Ohio is some old dude who claims to be a huge fan of Sheik, but really isn't. Sheik gets really angry and tells him to take a walk.

Some guy in Florida has a question. He's first complementing the Sheik for coming back into the limelight. Sheik thanks Stern, the Killers of Comedy, Bob Levy and Beetlejuice. Even though he is Persian, he gets along with Jews except that jabronie Eric Simms. He asks what his favorite match is and whether he will be on WWE again. Sheik says that his favorite match is his Bootcamp Match with Sgt. Slaughter. He puts over Slaughter! Another match is his title win over Bob Backlund. He puts over Backlund. And the third match is his loss to Hogan to drop the strap. He doesn't put over Hogan! I'm sure Hogan is crying himself to sleep with not being put over by Sheiky Baby.

He also says that he prefers to work with Levy and Stern, but if Vince calls him, then he's gotta speak to Simms first and then he'd go back to WWE. He puts over WWE and also brags about beating Vince in racquetball. He also puts over the McMahon family and talks about getting hugs and kisses from HHH and Steph. He has worked for three generations of the McMahon and loves them.

Another caller starts with a Muslim greeting and asks who was his favorite tag team partner and who sucks the biggest cock: Allah, Muhammad or Jesus. I'd go with Muhammad. Shuli wants Sheik to answer the first question and ignore the second. Sheik says his favorite partner was Nikolai. He says that outside the ring, Nikolai was great. He puts over Nikolai's usage of the Foreman grill and was a shrewd buyer of food. He respects Nikolai for not cheating his body, but he's got heat with him for the two dollars that he didn't give the wheelchair man. He is a jabronie Jew Russian Jew even after he booked him for Mister Makdavi. WHO IS MISTER MAKDAVI?!?!!? He puts over the wheelchair men in NYC, LA and Atlanta. He says that while he loves Nikolai, he says that he can't take all his money to the cemetary and NOT to be a cheap Jew son of a bitch!

A caller is a wrestler who is 6'1, 210 pounds. He wants some training tips. Sheik asks how old is he. The kid is 22. He says that as long as you are young and tall and that he should see if he should train 3 times a day all year round, can go to some Olympic wrestling school, watch his diet and pray to Jesus. INSHALLAH. He says if you can't make it in America, then you can't make it Bombay or Calcutta. You have everything here: good food and electricity, which he didn't even grow up with! Wow. He says Allah was behind him. He puts over the amateurs that he trained with, like Gholamreza Takhti.

Shuli is impressed with Sheik's advice. Sheik says swimming, Greco Roman and freestyle wrestling are the toughest sports in the Olympics. He respects Michael Jordan, but he needed 11 teammates in order to win the Gold medal. He confuses football with basketball. He respects Joe Namath and Terry Bradshaw, but even they know that wrestling is the toughest sport.

Shuli is happy and hopes Sheik is happy. The phone lines are lighting up. A caller asks how the injuries have affecting Sheik since he saw him on the Stern show. He says that the caller doesn't know what he's talking about, but he's been wrestling forever so he has a lot of damage. Shuli asks if he expected to live to 65 since he was a party animal back in the day. He says he's absolutely right. Apparently, Eric Simms tells everyone that Sheik is an animal partyman all night 24 hours 7 days a week and even if Sheik is very bad, Sheik is always training. He says that yes he is 65, but he needs to do something. He claims moderation, but Eric and Nikolai claim Sheik's moderation is 24 hours non-stop and is a world champion at A to the Z. He says that he is healthy and happy and loves his radio show.

TOM BRANDI calls him. Sheik puts over Brandi and calls him his Italian best friend and he gave his son his Olympic wrestling trunks. Brandi says he's a good guy and bad guy and that Sheik managed him when he was a Patriot. He said that he had to call in since Sheik's his best friend and wants him to knock them dead. He says forget about Hogan. Sheik says also forget about Warrior and all these other jabronie conmen. Shuli asks if people take advantage of him, but he knows better. He says Brandi is like family for him since he gave him a watch in exchange for his trunk. Brandi is like a son to Sheik as is the next caller...

BOB LEVY talks about how guys are getting pushed when they got like 3 moves. Sheik agrees about Hogan has like 3 moves. He says a grandmother can pretty much do that, too. Levy used to be a wrestle. His name used to be the Heartbreaker Bobby Slayer. He says Warrior only had 2 moves. Sheik talks about Warrior's shaking of the ropes. He hopes Vince books him against Warrior. He calls Warrior no-good and calls him a prostitute that everybody knew about, which made him lose face. He is angry at Simms for bringing him over to Warrior in the infamous slapping incident from a few months ago. "Ultimate Warrior, fuck you!!!"

Use the discount code SIRIUS to get a 30% discount of RF Video's Sheik DVD.

Some weird dude asks about the origins of the camel clutch. He asks the cameraman to zoom. He says that in the old country, they had camels and sheep. He says both him and the Original Sheik and Sabu used it. He calls them his cousin and nephew, originally.

Another guy calls and says that he met Sheik a month after 9/11. He asks if Sheik blames Luger for Miss Elizabeth's death. Sheik says that it's a tough decision. He said that Elizabeth left that jabronie Jew Randy Savage and moved to Georgia. He says he loves and misses Elizabeth. He puts over Lanny and Angelo Poffo, specifically bringing up Angelo's sit-up record. But Randy did not treat Elizabeth good. He says after Savage, Liz went to Luger. He says Luger was a good friend of his, but he used to go to his gym that he co-owned with Sting. He says that he's not sure, but he says everybody knows Luger was a gimmick man pretty boy. Even though he doesn't know, he says that if he finds out that Lex did damage to Elizabeth, then he'll beat the fuck out of him. He calls Elizabeth beautiful and say God Bless Elizabeth, Savage and Elizabeth's family.

Shuli asks for an Andre the Giant story. Sheik says that in wrestling, they have the midgets to the giants. He says giants are supposed to be a role model, a real babyface. He calls himself a heel. He says that when they'd go to London, Tokyo or whatever, he says Andre would play cards and that he'd come into the ring all fucked up. He says Andre could hurt you, but Sheik was a general in the ring. He repeats the Andre autograph story where he curses out a little kid. What a dickhead.

Shuli is having a good time with Sheik. He says 5 minutes before the show started, the phone lines were all full. Some caller whines about some guy pissing him off, but Sheik tells him to ignore the guy. And not to sell it!

A caller puts over Sheik's work in Georgia and how it's still classic. He says that while Levy says they don't need Sheik or whatever on the Killers of Comedy show. Sheik puts over Beetlejuice and doesn't mind if the guy shits his pants. Another guy calls with praises and how he feels about Bret Hart and his family. He says he wrestled in Calgary in 1973 and loves the family. Another guy says god bless the Iron Sheik and asked about being in TNA. He says that Angle and Jerry Jarrett are there, so if they need him, then he's there, but he's very happy working for Howard. Another guy asks who he has kept in touch with and asks who he'd like to wrestle if he was in the best shape. He says Cena, Angle and HHH. They ignored the first question!

Another guy asks about Fred Blassie. He says Mister Jafari helped meet him in Iran and also that he met Rikidozan with Blassie in 1960. Someone asks if he invented the camel crutch while trying to buttfuck Hogan while trying for the reacharound. Another guy calls about how everybody hated the Sheik and people threw shit in the ring. Sheik has a Piper story. They were working for Crockett and the Iranian people invited them for shish kebab and rice. So they went and afterwards, they got qualudes, uppers, downers, Percoset, "powder" and a grinder from this "doctor". Then they got pulled over and he had to pay off the cop $500 in order to not get arrested. Sheik puts over Howard one last time and the show is over!!!!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

I'm Still Here

I know, right. Sometimes, it's a little unsettling to realize that the internet is an extremely powerful medium to get your shit out there for everyone to see. I enjoy it and stuff, but wow, you know? Yeah, I'm coming down from smoking a blunt after watching "Knocked Up". That's a good movie. You should go see it, but if you don't, then I promise not to look down on you like a film snob. I haven't even watched any of that Star Trek shit. Sorry, fags.

So this is from the new RF shoot with Sheiky Baby. It seems pretty intense from the audio version that I heard. If anyone has this DVD, then please e-mail me. We can talk about how awesome it is. No, I refuse to say anything else. I am so amazed at Sheik's handling of the cigarette. Dude refuses to even smoke his lit cigarette and waves it around his bed. By the end of this, Sheik puts the cigarette into his open bottle of beer. Sheik is going to fuck the whole Hogan family. Maybe he jerks off while thinking about being smothered by Linda's titties. I love the Vikings hat, don't you? And he says "E-S-S" perfectly!

Jay-P from fucking AUSTRALIA sent me this song of the Sheik ranting on top of Kurt Angle's WWE theme song. It's really annoying to hear Angle's theme over and over again, but I do not discredit the hard work that it took to make this theme. I'm amazed whenever I get any feedback, actually. Here's the link:

IT'S THE IRON SHEIK YOUTUBE REVIEW OLD SCHOOL JAM OF THE WEEK: Blahzay Blahzay's "Danger". This shit is fucking great. I love this song and I oftentimes wonder what happened to Mr. Blahzay. Well, I also think that about Shyheim the Rugged Child, Pete Nice and Rampage the Lost Boy Scout, too, so Blahzay's not the only one on the Missing Persons portion on the back of a milk carton. Anyways, this is great mid-90s rap music and is what I enjoy listening to.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

All Types Of Shit

Sheik is in Portland and is stunning everyone with his fluency of Farsi before Daivari made it suck. Dude was a fucking pioneer at this whole angry foreigner deal. The fans can tell when you're a fraud and while some people might have thought that he was some other race, the fact that he speaks the actual language makes it really impressive.

I sat here stoned while watching Sheik continuously force Eric Simms to call some drug dealer for some weed and crack for Our Hero. I don't really know a lot about crack other than it kills. But it apparently medication according to Sheik's way of thinking. Simms calls this dude's phone like five or six times throughout. Sheik's so tired that he can't even go through a 2 hour interview without peppering the viewer with childish interruptions. It is definitely fucked up, but it's really amazing to see all of this go down.

Simms makes sure to tell Feinstein to turn off his camera when he begins to give Sheik his money for his trip on the East Coast, but why Simms didn't refuse to have it turned off while all of this was filming is beyond any kind of logical understanding. There is NO WAY that someone with any kind of common sense should have themselves filmed buying or attempting to buy crack. He's kinda entertaining because he's almost seemlessly slid into Dan Mirade's original role as unintriguing-whiteguy-sidekick, but he still should've known better.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Aw Shit It's Tuesday

Weekends are always full of their ups and downs, depending on the amount of drug use and bullshit that you have to deal with. I think the best thing about this blog for me is that it's a way to escape all the bullshit that I have to deal with once I get away from this computer. Sheiky Baby has helped us all avoid our problems and partake in saying such phrases as "Ah'm a legeeeend...hall of fame" and "Ahm zeh rheal!", for example. Indeed, I shall keep this blog running one way or another, because there are quite a few of you loyal Sheiky fans that love to ignore dealing with that outstanding meth problem which has ruined your life forever, which is just great for me.

Sheiky Baby talking about how much he loves women. He may want to fuck Cyndi Lauper, but doesn't want to be like little-boy-fucker Michael Jackson. I think the two dudes next to him are from Porno Pro Wrestling, which books both Sheik and Honky Tonk Man in Denver.

This happened at Chicago between some shitty band that no one knows and the Iron Sheik. Sheik gets into a confrontation with the lead singer and then ends up hitting him with his cane. Then he hits him on the back with a chair that he could not reach down to pick up. Yes, someone had to hand him the chair. And some drummer dude tried to attack Sheik, but our Iranian Hero did not sell that particular assault. Hopefully Sheik moves on to musicians that are universally intolerable, like that John Mellencamp fag. If I gotta hear "THIS IS MY COUNTRY" one more fucking time...

Back later. Get your questions in for Eric Simms.

Friday, October 5, 2007

We Will Be Interviewing Eric Simms Soon

It's true. Eric Simms is gonna chat with Our Great Blog about the Sheik. If you've got questions, then please either e-mail them to me at or add them to the comments as sometime in the future, Eric will give us all the low-down on what is going on with Sheiky Baby.

I received a package from a white man in Canada. No, it wasn't moonshine, but the Fight Network's half-hour documentary on the Iron Sheik. I have no idea how to convert things from DVD to video on the internet, but there's some worthwhile stuff on it as they give a little background on Sheik's family in Iran and in the States. I think his deceased daughter Marissa might be in one scene in their kitchen, but I don't know. His daughter Nicole looks JUST LIKE HIM IT'S RIDICULOUS. Caryl is less shrewish than in the Majen documentary clip, but I think the less of her, the better. Some of the commentary is ridiculous as they say Sheik won the Olympics in 1968 and it's as if they're still trying to keep kayfabe alive throughout. Also, they say Sheik is a spokesperson against drug use.

I'll have to find a way to put this online as it's some interesting stuff.

Umm, the weekend is here and I am finally getting DVR after three years of being a cheap Jew sonuvabitch.

Okay, I think that's all. There will be more videos and reviews next week. And don't forget: ERIC SIMMS IS COMING TO THE IRON SHEIK YOUTUBE REVIEW


Thursday, October 4, 2007

A Short Sheiky Update

Yeah, kids, I'm listening to RZA's Japan-only "Ghost Dog" soundtrack. My life means a lot more everytime I hear this shit. It's got a buncha great beats to this and that's what counts to me. I miss the old Wu-Tang shit. Like honestly, as much as I am a fan of Ghostface, Raekwon, etc., it's not like the old days when I used to watch DJ Bobby Simmons' video block on the public access channel on the shitty 27 inch television in the bedroom that I shared with my parents. Whenever "Incarcerated Scarfaces" came on, I knew that this shit was something special. I feel like an old man saying, "Now, everything sucks!", but yeah, everything pretty much sucks. But I gotta crank that Soulja Boy.

The Southern Avanger uses the Iron Sheik to make a point about the amount of hysteria going into Mahmoud Ahmedinejad. All I know is that his jackets are hideous and he has a beard that is more cooler than mine whenever I grow it out. I don't know, the United States is fucked up and everything, but it gave my parents a stable place to live so I can't bitch about my living conditions too much. But I'm sure some of that stability came from dealing with individuals whose moral compass might not be the greatest, but that's not something that I'm going to cry about since I'm comfortably sitting cross-legged on my shitty swivel chair in my air-conditioned living room.

So why should you?

Monday, October 1, 2007

Teacher Versus Student

As all of us moderately-informed Sheik-historians know, Our Hero did get to train guys for Verne Gagne only a couple years after taking bumps in a shitty barn with the likes of Flair, Patera, Brunzell and, shit, even the amazing Greg Gagne. I don't know what makes him really amazing, but the guy did wrestle and stuff. Shit, it's amazing enough that guys get paid to roll around in the ring wearing underwear.

Anyways, one of the dudes that Sheik trained was Ricky Steamboat. Ricky went on to many successes in wrestling, including noteworthy feuds with Ric Flair and Randy Savage. He also won the Intercontinental Title, WCW Heavyweight Title and, um, probably a bunch of other belts since his tag partner was Jay Youngblood, who was supposedly awesome. I wanted to do something a little different, maybe a little left field, so I decided to link to two different matches that Sheik has with his most famous trainee. Unfortunately, I have not gotten to see any encounters that Sheik with his other two prized students, Dr. Tom Pritchard and Buck Zumhoff, but maybe some day!

Macho Man was out and he was acting crazy, which kinda stole some of Sheik's heat as far as the television audience was concerned. Like here's this huge feud going down between Macho and Ricky, meanwhile Sheik is just the Iranian dude that people are supposed to hate. Sheik did a leapfrog, which is impressive for a guy with a huge gut and drug problems. Ricky actually wins with a fistdrop from the top rope, which is still amazing even considering this was 1984. I love fistdrops in wrestling; they're the only move that anyone can do well. Ricky and Macho tease a fight, but they don't. Meanwhile, Sheik's star fades a little bit more.

Click on this link to see this pretty good match that they had back in Mid Atlantic. This is possibly November of 1980, so this shows how things changed, not just in how the style of matches changed, but also, how the audiences were back in the day. The crowds believed, man. Sometimes I can't believe it, but it's some wild shit.

Sheik does his kickass double underhook release suplex. Please, someone correct me so I can feel more up-to-date on what the names of wrestling moves are. I'm depending on it!

Oh yeah, the finish was out of nowhere. Sheik was on offense for like 90% of the match and all of the sudden, Ricky grabs the legs and win. Just great to see, even if the video quality sucks ass and it kinda looks like blobs moving around from time to time.

Sheik decides not to talk about training Steamboat and instead decides to put over that he trained the U.S. Olympic team. I love it. Also, he claims to have trained Flair, Brunzell and some other dudes, which might be lying! It hurts to have to admit the lies of my hero, but it's okay, I think the Iron Sheik Youtube Review will get through it.