Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Why It Took Me 11 Days To Update

I have reasons, really! Don't click away from here before reading my perfectly valid reasons!

1. I went to Atlantic City and spent money on casinos. No, there were no hookers or coke involved.
2. My real-life job has been a huge hassle and I am just aggravated with it. Hopefully, I can one day retain a full-time job as a blogger who doesn't leave his apartment unless he needs to make a cigarette/beer/weed run.
3. I just don't feel like typing anymore in front of a keyboard during the weekend. Oh, wait, I usually don't blog during the weekend anyway!

Okay, time for reviews!

Some conspiracy theorist says that Sheik got a hard-on for real when he put Hogan in the camel clutch. I don't know, this looks mad homo to me. I don't feel comfortable looking at other guy's cocks anyway. Like I'll be at the urinal and I make sure to hide my shit and look straight ahead. It's proper etiquette as long as you're not a Senator in a Minneapolis airport, right? But I must say that I don't believe this "evidence".

Sheiky Baby puts over Pittsburgh, Bruno Sanmartino, Kurt Angle, Terry Bradshaw and the Pittsburgh Steelers here. The Asian guy in the group just looks happy to be there.

So Dave Batista just came on the Channel 11 Morning Show and he looks really tired and just wanted to go to bed. He defended the Wellness Policy and did restate that Mark Henry was reckless with him! WOW. The interview went two minutes and he looked like he'd rather get blown by Melina than be there.

Tomorrow, I will recap the Sheik's appearance on the HOWARD STERN SHOW so come back.

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