Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Aw Shit It's Tuesday

Weekends are always full of their ups and downs, depending on the amount of drug use and bullshit that you have to deal with. I think the best thing about this blog for me is that it's a way to escape all the bullshit that I have to deal with once I get away from this computer. Sheiky Baby has helped us all avoid our problems and partake in saying such phrases as "Ah'm a legeeeend...hall of fame" and "Ahm zeh rheal!", for example. Indeed, I shall keep this blog running one way or another, because there are quite a few of you loyal Sheiky fans that love to ignore dealing with that outstanding meth problem which has ruined your life forever, which is just great for me.

Sheiky Baby talking about how much he loves women. He may want to fuck Cyndi Lauper, but doesn't want to be like little-boy-fucker Michael Jackson. I think the two dudes next to him are from Porno Pro Wrestling, which books both Sheik and Honky Tonk Man in Denver.

This happened at Chicago between some shitty band that no one knows and the Iron Sheik. Sheik gets into a confrontation with the lead singer and then ends up hitting him with his cane. Then he hits him on the back with a chair that he could not reach down to pick up. Yes, someone had to hand him the chair. And some drummer dude tried to attack Sheik, but our Iranian Hero did not sell that particular assault. Hopefully Sheik moves on to musicians that are universally intolerable, like that John Mellencamp fag. If I gotta hear "THIS IS MY COUNTRY" one more fucking time...

Back later. Get your questions in for Eric Simms.

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KaneRobot said...

"Espechl' the nipple and nice boobs" will live forever