Wednesday, October 31, 2007


So basically I've been really lazy because I have a real job, girlfriend, family and those things come first before this blog. When work is slow, I can update this a million fucking times and I'm sure that when I'm a widowed almost-invalid, this blog will be the one thing that I can cling onto while aggressively fighting a move into a nursing home.

For now, I will give you, the people, PART ONE. In a few months, I will give you part 2. But for now, PART ONE. VIDEOS LATER.

Yes, happy FUCKEN Halloween, people. I am dressed up as a stressed-out working brown guy who recaps all of Iron Sheik's many travails on the internet and beyond. Great life, isn't it? Anyways, I told you that I wouldn't let you down. I would provide YOU, the loyal fucking reader with the recap of Sheiky Baby's last appearance on Stern's show. It's not too much to ask of me.

Howard talks about the Sheik's new show on Sirius. Robin notes that she could hear Sheik screaming down the hall. Howard deems him "the world's favorite wrestler". The Sheik is in and Artie is doing impressions already. He's not even coked up. I love the Iranian music. Sheik is very excited about the show, but he may be a little too out of breath which is a theme of this episode. He is angry at Bubba and Artie. He says he is stealing the show every night at Killers of Comedy. He is making $750-$1000. He does 10-15 minutes on the stage, people go crazy afterwards and ask him about jabronies. Sheik has brought autographs which Howard doesn't really care about. Howard talks about Hulk Hogan disrespecting Sheiky. Sheiky says Howard is right and that he was the champ before him. He said that Hogan kissed his ass, but never helped him out. He talks about Hogan backstabbing him after that convention in NJ. He said Hogan lied to him twice. Howard brings up that Sheik did say in a clip that he wanted to fuck the whole Hogan family and that is gay. Sheik says he is misunderstood. Sheik says that is cheap heat and says it must be someone else. He says he is a family man and that he has a good friendship with his wife and daughter. He says he doesn't like Hogan and says something was wrong with his mind. Sheik is very upset and says he would fuck Hogan, not his family, but in a different way using wrestling moves. He says it is cheap heat. He says it is gay, but he would fuck his ass with a beer bottle. He says that the beer bottle way would be not gay. He keeps bringing up Islam. He says he is not like Michael Jackson or Elton John. Sheik is breathing REALLY heavily. He says Vince doesn't decide who wins. Howard brings up Sheik's serious crack problem. Sheik says that he doesn't say no, but since he joined with Howard, he drinks beer, smokes cigarettes and a little bit of weed. The Killers of Comedy say that Sheik gets heavily searched at airports, but he said something about the Captain. Sheik is very mad and showing pictures and looking for what the Captain said about him but can't find it.

Howard wants him to sit down. He asks Sheik how does he convince them that he is not a terrorist. Sheik says he is not Osama or Ahmadinejad.


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