Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I have been busy with work so this was not as important. Thanks to everyone that came to this non-updated blog during the weeks that I was busy. I'll make it up to you when someone hooks me up with some free DVDs.
How does Sheik prove that he's not a terrorist? Sheik says he's not Mohammad Atta and was born in Tehran, Iran and made it in Madison Square Garden. He says that he made it and he's an American citizen. He blames Osama Bin Laden, that son of a bitch, for his troubles, as well as the Muslims. He calls what happened at 9/11 a "cheap shot" and feels sorry for all of the people that died that day.

Howard has "Hulk Hogan" on the phone. "Hogan" says there's a difference between him and Sheik and that's that he puts meat in the seats and that Sheik is a JOBBER. He tells him to go suck "Nacho Man's" cock. Sheik goes temporarily berzerk. Sheik says that even if his religion gets mad at him, he says that he's gonna beat the fuck out of him and put his ten-inch cock in his ass. Sheik is breathing heavily. Very heavily. He says that he'll show Howard his cock later. This is mad homo.

Anyway, Howard desperately wants to change the subject, presumably because he doesn't want our Hero to have a heart attack, especially not on his show, so he asks about his marriage. Robin asks if his marriage was arranged. Sheik says no, he says that after he left Iran, and came to the University of Minnesota and married an American woman. He's a grandfather. Howard says that after Sheik lost $20,000 in 20 days on drugs. Sheik says he was making $10-15,000 a week so he used to use "a little hard" (crack) and "a little soft" (weed), but now he is broke and has a new job. He loves his new job, but swear to Jesus, he stopped. Howard asks if his wife doesn't love him anymore. Sheik says that without him, that jabronie would be nothing. Hahahaha, I love that he calls his own wife a jabronie. He says when he had money, she loved him, but she's a golddigger. He says honestly, he hasn't had sex with her in a couple years.

Sheik gets agitated with this subject. He knows he lost the face, 2 million dollars, but she asserts that she is a golddigger. Sheik admits that even though it is awkward, when his family comes over, everything is alright. He notes there are a lot of golddiggers in his country. Sheik says he can not fuck around while married. It's against his religion. He can't look in the mirror if he does that. Howard asks if he can get an erection. Of course, says our lovable deity. Howard asks if he jerks off if it is hard. Sheik claims he trains to avoid to fuck around. Howard doesn't believe it, which pisses Sheik off. Howard continues to ask the question if he jerks off. Sheik says yes, when he was younger before he was married, but not after getting married. Even though his wife doesn't fuck him, he seems to be pretty content with the situation. Sheik says that they talk and watch movies, but he is not begging for pussy. Those are his words, folks! He says that he got laid all over the world. He does miss sex, but it doesn't matter. He said that he got sex out of his system. Sheik ignores his hardons when he wakes up in the morning. He says that masturbating is embarassing because of his god, Jesus, is looking down at him.


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