Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Okay I will review this. Last night, I finally got to watch this video and there was a lot of ass on this. Man-ass. Not great. I think the worst was seeing Sheik drunkenly pull down his pants and boxers and moon the camera. I hope my ass doesn't look like that. Honky still ranting about Steamboat is kinda sad. Dude should really just move on. Maybe someone has to bring it up first, I don't know. Basically, New Jack, Sheik and Honky get really drunk and do things that may be regrettable. Someone get me a copy of this for free, please. Jack rocking the OJ jersey is tremendous. Someone hook me up with a Rae Carruth jersey, also.

Speaking of crazy people, Tracy Morgan goes insane on WGN's news. I think he hooked up with the white woman after the newscast was over with, but she might be a real prude. BILL CARTWRIGHT, HOLLA AT ME.

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KaneRobot said...

This entry is full of crazy ethnic (borderline) exhibitionism, and I applaud your hard work. THANKS, internet!