Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Hey, folks. I'm doing big things sitting at my desk in this glorified cubicle. If it means emailing suspecting people, looking at booty pictures when no one's around or listening to sports radio on the internet, please rest assured that I am doing all that I can to be as good at my job as anyone can possibly be at the kind of place that I work.

Props to Mani for putting this video up. It's from Adult Swim and the action figures are ready for action. Sheiky Baby apparently owns a convenience store and is selling fake passports, Playboys and beef jerky. I definitely agree that beef jerky is fucking awesome. Especially during a late Friday night.

Some faggot pranks Sheiky Baby by calling and pretending to be a news reporter asking for a word. All this while Ultimate Fighter is on the television. Also, he's some gay Brit or whatever, which makes this even more unappealing. I hate the way their voices sound. Their accents don't scare me, but mostly because I don't understand a word that they say. It appears Sheik is confused as well. Maybe he finds the prankster's accent even more offputting. In closing, I hate wrestling fans.

Oh shit. It's time for...PART 3 OF THE SHEIK ON HOWARD STERN!!!!!!

Sheik is talking about the embarassment of jerking off. Howard asks him if he can pay for his house. Sheik says he's behind, but the Killers of Comedy tour is helping him out. He says he's not rich, but he's also not poor, either. I plan on using the same excuse in 40 years when I've pissed all my money away. Sheik asserts that everybody thinks he is bad, including his jabronie agent. He says happy birthday to Eric Simms, but he says Eric tells everyone that he's a medicine man. Howard says that in the end, Sheik has to blame himself and accept responsibility.

Robin asks if it is a sin to drink or do drugs in his religion. He says he's not supposed to drink or eat pork, but he does now since he is in America and wants to be sociable. He agrees with Jews in that pigs are the dirtiest animal. He says that Jews eat lamb and sheep. Howard says Sheik got weak by doing drugs. Sheik seems hurt and says that he only did it to be sociable. "Macho Man" is on the phone and once Sheik is alerted, he already throws epithets around. Macho talks some shit about Sheik not fucking his wife, so Sheik tells him to go fuck himself and his wife. He is very angry here. Sheik threatened to show his ten inch cock, but he would not do it in front of Robin. Apparently, he was ready to pull his pants off.

A caller says that Howard is going to kill him and that Sheik is going to have a heart attack. He asks if they have any insurance. Sheik says he is in great shape. I don't know if that's true. Sheik rants about Macho Man not buying a hot dog for his wife.

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