Wednesday, October 10, 2007

All Types Of Shit

Sheik is in Portland and is stunning everyone with his fluency of Farsi before Daivari made it suck. Dude was a fucking pioneer at this whole angry foreigner deal. The fans can tell when you're a fraud and while some people might have thought that he was some other race, the fact that he speaks the actual language makes it really impressive.

I sat here stoned while watching Sheik continuously force Eric Simms to call some drug dealer for some weed and crack for Our Hero. I don't really know a lot about crack other than it kills. But it apparently medication according to Sheik's way of thinking. Simms calls this dude's phone like five or six times throughout. Sheik's so tired that he can't even go through a 2 hour interview without peppering the viewer with childish interruptions. It is definitely fucked up, but it's really amazing to see all of this go down.

Simms makes sure to tell Feinstein to turn off his camera when he begins to give Sheik his money for his trip on the East Coast, but why Simms didn't refuse to have it turned off while all of this was filming is beyond any kind of logical understanding. There is NO WAY that someone with any kind of common sense should have themselves filmed buying or attempting to buy crack. He's kinda entertaining because he's almost seemlessly slid into Dan Mirade's original role as unintriguing-whiteguy-sidekick, but he still should've known better.

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