Sunday, October 14, 2007

I'm Still Here

I know, right. Sometimes, it's a little unsettling to realize that the internet is an extremely powerful medium to get your shit out there for everyone to see. I enjoy it and stuff, but wow, you know? Yeah, I'm coming down from smoking a blunt after watching "Knocked Up". That's a good movie. You should go see it, but if you don't, then I promise not to look down on you like a film snob. I haven't even watched any of that Star Trek shit. Sorry, fags.

So this is from the new RF shoot with Sheiky Baby. It seems pretty intense from the audio version that I heard. If anyone has this DVD, then please e-mail me. We can talk about how awesome it is. No, I refuse to say anything else. I am so amazed at Sheik's handling of the cigarette. Dude refuses to even smoke his lit cigarette and waves it around his bed. By the end of this, Sheik puts the cigarette into his open bottle of beer. Sheik is going to fuck the whole Hogan family. Maybe he jerks off while thinking about being smothered by Linda's titties. I love the Vikings hat, don't you? And he says "E-S-S" perfectly!

Jay-P from fucking AUSTRALIA sent me this song of the Sheik ranting on top of Kurt Angle's WWE theme song. It's really annoying to hear Angle's theme over and over again, but I do not discredit the hard work that it took to make this theme. I'm amazed whenever I get any feedback, actually. Here's the link:

IT'S THE IRON SHEIK YOUTUBE REVIEW OLD SCHOOL JAM OF THE WEEK: Blahzay Blahzay's "Danger". This shit is fucking great. I love this song and I oftentimes wonder what happened to Mr. Blahzay. Well, I also think that about Shyheim the Rugged Child, Pete Nice and Rampage the Lost Boy Scout, too, so Blahzay's not the only one on the Missing Persons portion on the back of a milk carton. Anyways, this is great mid-90s rap music and is what I enjoy listening to.

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