Thursday, October 4, 2007

A Short Sheiky Update

Yeah, kids, I'm listening to RZA's Japan-only "Ghost Dog" soundtrack. My life means a lot more everytime I hear this shit. It's got a buncha great beats to this and that's what counts to me. I miss the old Wu-Tang shit. Like honestly, as much as I am a fan of Ghostface, Raekwon, etc., it's not like the old days when I used to watch DJ Bobby Simmons' video block on the public access channel on the shitty 27 inch television in the bedroom that I shared with my parents. Whenever "Incarcerated Scarfaces" came on, I knew that this shit was something special. I feel like an old man saying, "Now, everything sucks!", but yeah, everything pretty much sucks. But I gotta crank that Soulja Boy.

The Southern Avanger uses the Iron Sheik to make a point about the amount of hysteria going into Mahmoud Ahmedinejad. All I know is that his jackets are hideous and he has a beard that is more cooler than mine whenever I grow it out. I don't know, the United States is fucked up and everything, but it gave my parents a stable place to live so I can't bitch about my living conditions too much. But I'm sure some of that stability came from dealing with individuals whose moral compass might not be the greatest, but that's not something that I'm going to cry about since I'm comfortably sitting cross-legged on my shitty swivel chair in my air-conditioned living room.

So why should you?

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