Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A great Iron Sheik promo

Iron Sheik at the Totally Tool Wrestling show in 2006! I must say that it's funny to see the streamer around his arm that he seems to completely ignore. Like, when I'm that age, will I be the same way? The USA Olympics pin on his jacket is fucking great, too. I want it so I can bamboozle people into thinking that I went to Munich, Germany and became an Olympic champwhen. Anyhow, this also has future superstar Larry Sweeney, whose last name becomes mangled by Sheik. The ten count to Bruiser and Crusher is tremendous. I loved all of this.


Hmm, I had this huge rant that I just deleted that kinda defended Sheik for all his craziness, but I think I'll just not do it at this very moment.

Oh, right, the video! Joey Eastman booked Sheik and did not exploit him, which was wonderful. Sheik's micwork is underrated as I don't know too many men in their mid-60s that can rile himself up in front of a few hundred people. I hope I have that kinda courage when I am cashing my AARP checks.

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