Tuesday, July 24, 2007

We're Not Really Inspired

For the last few months here at Iron Sheik Youtube Review, we've promised a lot of ridiculous reviews of ridiculous videos. Ridiculous Iron Sheik videos.

Why? Because the world didn't need them. I mean, it's pretty obvious that the internet is full of self-important websites purporting to cover a subject in a thoughtful and passionate way. But I tend to think there are too many humor websites on the internet.

People try their hardest to be funny and shit, but I think they're probably straining to keep up with a tone that they might have long passed with either a higher demand for content or, usually, just being bored with posting things to an audience that is just gonna point-and-click at something else, probably into that secret folder on their hard drive with the trannie porn. The one that their mom doesn't know about. Okay, maybe their dad does.

Shemale videos aside, people are a fickle bunch, but it's been well over a year since the first insane Sheik video hit the net and, here we are, still talking about him. The guy's going to be on Howard Stern soon, while Ric Flair sulks after taking another shitty backdrop from some nervous rookie. Unbelievable.

Seriously, this dude gave the best Sheik impression ever all-time all my life. Even though he started laughing because this is all incredibly retarded, he still got all the catchphrases correct, maintained broken English and added in all those little phrases about Newman, Regis Philbin, black brothers and all the other Jews. This kid must have a lot of time, but I think he's got a huge future in Sheik impersonations. The outfit was also perfect and I have only kind things to say about his moustache. Maybe he does weddings?

Thanks to Sean the Mic from Declaration of Independents for providing a link to this fucked-up blog. Hope you new readers stick around and tell your fucking parents or guidance counselors or other depraved social outcast buddies about this, but if you don't, I won't feel too bad. It would be a shame to get depressed that someone decided to jerk off to disturbing porno over watching insane Sheik videos and reading my commentary.

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