Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday the 13th

Yeah, it's that time again. I never really watched any of those Jason Voorhees movies growing up. All I remember from my childhood is a lot of Darkwing Duck, Perfect Strangers and pro wrestling. Also, when I'd watch baseball and some announcer (probably Ralph Kiner or Tim McCarver) would call a dude like Darren Daulton or Andy Van Slyke a "veteran". Then I'd think, "oh, wow, they went to war for our country!" I must have been a real idiot. Now, I'm an idiot on a keyboard, but at least I can look back on my past idiocies and find it somewhat humorous.

I noticed the "Flag Blog" feature on the bar above all these Blog*Spot blogs and wondered if anybody here would narc on me because I say the word "fag" a lot, so I decided to read the help feature here to see what would happen. I guess these people are pretty cool with things, so I am thrilled. Too often our society decides to kowtow to some heavy-handed minority. As far as I see it, everybody is a minority anyway. You've got some conservatives, some homosexuals, some liberals, some al-Qaeda members and some alcoholics that are just browsing through the thousands of blogs here so I'd imagine that someone's gonna get offended.

Have a great weekend, everybody. Check out the links when you can.

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