Sunday, July 29, 2007

No Wine To Drink For This Post, Sorry

Had an awesome Friday night at Coney Island filled with drinking, smoking and an intense walk along the beach at 2 in the morning. If you ever have a chance, then please come out here and experience the greatness of this ghetto amusement park. You've got rides accompanied by late-90's rap music, the rickety Cyclone, the bars that children run in and out of [props to Ruby's] and, most importantly, a boardwalk where no one gives a shit if you're strolling with a 40 oz. cup of Coors Light while holding a cigarette in your hand. The fireworks created an unusual fog, but with how most of my night kinda went, the fog seemed all too appropriate.

Sheik's anger is amazing here. Like, damn, you're, like, 62 years old and are just so angry. I hope I'm a lot calmer when I get around that age. It's amazing that Sheik hasn't gotten a stroke yet while dudes like Terry Gordy and Chris Champion got strokes before reaching the age of 40. Nikolai taking things in stride is awesome and should not be overlooked when watching this particular video. Even if he did call that guy a jerk.

The adventures of this pair in the WWF look like something out of the Odd Couple; I don't think it's hard to figure out which one is Oscar and which one is Felix. These guys rolled as hated heels that the company loved but never book above the mid-card level, but they made a huge impression on racist assholes and impressionable children: that figured all Russians and Iranians acted like flag-wearing jackasses who would sing their national anthem at the drop of a hat.

You might remember this chick from an old clip interviewing the Sheik at the Comic Con. She's back and interviewing a bunch of people in this clip. None of it is really interesting, but lots of these dudes are pretty odd and unusual. I think this chick will be going nowhere as her ill-fated career moves lead to a closer path to filling out her name and number on a napkin for a future job as a cashier at Food World. Hey, whatever works.

Anyways, see you later and let me know how that Lifetime movie about the girl who gets killed by that dude was.

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