Tuesday, July 3, 2007

A Better Side

Sheik explains to us about how he got that white cross he's holding in his hand. Apparently, some black person asked him for an autograph, but didn't have the money and only had the cross. Sheik gladly made the trade and has proudly kept the cross for twenty years. What's kinda neat is that Sheik will gladly smoke up with you as he does with people from Late Night Giggin.

Like how many Hall of Famers of anything are hanging with dudes 30 years younger than them? Probably not many, but the desire to smoke various drugs probably does help to bring generations together. Religion doesn't use drugs to bring outsiders into their way of thinking, you've still got to consider the telepathic powers of dudes like Benny Hinn and Joel Olsteen,who do just fine when it comes to influencing people. They're going to do whatever they can to get you to buy into their shit and, hopefully, you'll spend a few bucks on prayer napkins and self-help books and Psalm-reciting vibrators. That's right, Psalm-reciting vibrators! Hopefully, you'll climax before the pocket rocket's voice gets even more vitrolic. I bet it starts out on an even-keeled Mister Rogers style of voice and then, turns into T.D. Jakes after 30 minutes of monotonous tremors from its motor.

So I guess a little medicine isn't gonna hurt anyone other than yourself. You might meet a new friend; seems Sheik does okay when it comes to socializing himself with people who either have a lot of respect for his many accomplishments or just dudes who want to smoke up or dudes who have a lot of respect for him AND want to smoke up with him just because. I wonder how many fans want to smoke up with those DX guys. I definitely see HHH being too much of a narc for drug-inhaling wrestling fans to ever feel comfortable to invite him to smoke up in their grandmother's Oldsmobile, regardless of that "outlaw" DX facade. And Shawn Michaels? Yeah, he's like your dad.

Amazingly, Sheik seems more ready to accept people's habitual cannibus usage than the guys who led girls to pull their tops up and tell pre-pubescent boys to cross their forearms or wrists over their crotches while gleefully playing with a kielbasa.

And you know what? That doesn't bother me one bit.

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