Tuesday, July 10, 2007

No, I can't believe that it's Tuesday either

This match is obviously notable because our Hero defeated that Howdy Doody, Bob Backlund. I really don't understand why Backlund decided to change his look from underwear to singlet, but he is in great condition, regardless. No one can take away his accomplishments, but the crowd really does seem a little burned out on him. Vince really did the right thing for his business by giving the title to Sheiky Baba, not the Giant Baba.

I fucking hate videogames. Well, not all videogames. Mario Kart is like the only game that I can play kinda decently, but even then, I finish 7th out of 9th or whatever. But it's all good. Maybe it's better to be a wrestling fanatic than a video game fanatic. But if gamers can get their own channel that they don't have to pay for, then yeah, I guess wrestling fans are somewhat lower on the totem pole of social acceptance. Someone teach me how to jump over that space between the blocks in Super Mario already; I'm always falling down.

So this mulatto chick talks to Sheik and seems kinda annoying. What I like about this video is knowing that she is probably the one chick that is being held on a pedestal by the social outcasts over there. It's not really farfetched to believe someone there was entertaining thoughts about eating her asshole. Maybe Tony Tacalone???

Bahahaha Sheik got a little too angry at Nikolai and Hulk. Why can't I just move on to the next internet legend? Instead, I still find all of these angry Sheik clips incredibly funny. Maybe I just have a soft spot for angry old people. Well, except my grandparents.

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