Tuesday, September 4, 2007


I spent the weekend doing not a whole lot other than chilling with the girlfriend and bullshitting with family. Rented a bunch of movies at Blockbuster. Blades of Glory was too gay, Black Snake Moan was great and Disturbia was pretty good. Shia LeBouf may be the next Tom Cruise. I'm just looking for the next Steve Buscemi. Christina Ricci played a convincing hoe, unless you're an avid fan of Crack Whore Confessions or whatever.

The jokes write themselves...

"We are very proud to bring you shoots with the biggest names in wrestling. In order to do so, we need to make a profit so we can put it back into our next big shoot interview. We want to thank our many loyal fans that have reported people selling RF VIDEO shoots without our permission over the last few days. We are well aware of some of the sites out there that already have plans on selling the new shoots that we just filmed last week. RF VIDEO will take legal action on any persons that sell our shoots without our permission. We have never been more serious about this issue. Thanks for all of your help and if you do report anyone your name will be kept confidential. You can email us at feinsteind@aol.com"

Dude let the video roll when Eddie Guerrero teared up while talking about Art Barr. You're not exactly robbing the church.

This is from the internet and Sheik is in an ugly motel room that looks like it's been used for aging husbands looking to get pissed on by prostitutes that just escaped Adam Bettenhausen's basement. Like couldn't these jackasses actually film these at an actual studio or something? Shoot interviews are really a significant step above apartment wrestling videos, but still, the creepiness factor is still in play. Sheik talks about doing coke with Shawn Michaels. Shawn is better than Sheik's wife. They were like Elvis Presley and doing medicine a-to-the-z. Gotta love it.

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