Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What Else To Say?

I will hopefully be doing something that is much more worthwhile than trying to e-mail the Magen Brothers and get nowhere. But things are getting better as far as the blog goes. I can only hope that they get better. Maybe I'll interview more people for the blog and am able to get Meltzer writing about how awesome I am. Then I can retire with internet money like the ScoopsCentral guy did. Then I can start drinking more highly priced red wine and maybe write a book on how to make money off your blog. Eventually, it would all lead to having my own talk show like that dude Greg Behrendt. It would probably fail, but I would make sure to have a lot of midgets on the show like the "Little People, Big World" family.

Also, the Iron Sheik and his entire family. And lots of Klansmen on the show. And the oddly-clothed Black Israelites that preach on either 42nd Street and, more recently, 34th Street in Manhattan. On the same show.

A man has dreams. Make them happen, people.

Sheik lets us all know that he loves pot and that he caught in New Jersey with Hacksaw Jim Duggan with the cocaine, marijuana and an open can of beer. Duggan has since been very sorry for this incident, but Sheik doesn't appear to even blame himself too much. It might be a shame, but it's probably hopeless to try and make this guy think completely different at his current age.

Like I was at Times Square once and a guy had a "I Need A Beer" sign. Sure, I was all dressed up nice and shit, but I also felt that if a guy needs to go through the trouble to make a sign pleading for money to buy a beer, then the least I can do is give him the money. I feel sorry for heroin addicts and cokeheads, too, but I hope the percentage of the readers that dabble in that shit ask someone else for a hookup.

Anyways, what I'm trying to say is that he's not in my family on some A&E Intervention shit, so why get emotional about it, right?

The guy below gets really emotional and it's just weird. Anybody who willingly videotapes themselves talking just to upload onto Youtube for an audience of more than just their close friends and family is a real weirdo. But here I am blogging for people. I don't know; typing shit seems a lot less gay than doing what that "Leave Britney Alone" tranny does.

So this guy decides to apologize to the Iron Sheik because he made a video where impersonated him as the Brass Sultan. See, I feel robbed because I've never seen this impression. Like it probably wasn't that great even though he says that impersonating is his forte. I dig that he makes this whole Christian spiel while wearing a fucking UFC cap. If you can't deal with the exploitation of people, then don't be ridiculous enough to watch pro wrestling, Ultimate fighting or boxing. People are paying money to see guys either beat the hell out of each other, take risks with their own body and/or try to hurt another guy to a point of no return. Now, exploitation isn't something I'm not completely fond of, but I got at an early age that this world is a place where people make other people do some pretty questionable shit. In closing, it's a cruel world, get over it.

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