Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sheik Buys Crack...AND MORE

Sheik's buying drugs makes the internet. What do you think about this being filmed? It's not like it's being filmed for A&E Intervention, you know. This is strictly for the profit of the person who is filming it. It's pretty sad, but what can you do other than wince and say, "well, I hope that I'm not as fucked up when I'm in my late sixties". Sheik gets Eric Simms to call his friendly drug dealer in New Jersey. The guy doesn't want to come to their shitty hotel room, but Eric refuses to drive and pick it up. Sheik has a 100 dollars that he wants to spend on crack and marijuana. Damn, 40 dollars of weed for a week is good enough for me, but Sheik's habit appears to be rather excessive and expensive. Oh well! Eric tells Sheik to be quiet while he tries to reason with the dealer. The drug dealer hangs up in the end after Sheik starts ranting and raving after he hears that he won't get his drugs tonight.

This is the meeting between Hulk and Sheik a few months ago. Everything's going great and Hogan says he wants Sheik's number. Of course, Hogan being Hogan, he doesn't call back our hero which is some bullshit. I know there are a lot of Hogan lovers out there, but damn, your man is real shady. He can't even call the legend!? Ridiculous. Sheik's jacket is awesome, but can't someone tell him that dirty Atlanta Olympics winter cap looks horrible? Where's Tim Gunn to give Sheik some fashion advice?

I downloaded this a couple days ago and it's pretty good. I like his first album better, but Kanye has some good beats here. Just delete the songs with that faggot Mos Def and the lead singer of Coldplay. I like Coldplay but if it's gonna be him and Kanye, then it is just too much faggotry for one track. Otherwise, everything's just pretty good.

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