Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Happy Belated Birthday To Our Hero, I am lazy, Other bullshit

Sup, guys. I've been mad lazy since I would rather download music and look at midget porn than blog sometimes. Just like when you people would rather chat with old men posing as 13-year-old girls than hit up my blog. It's all good. I can't hate on people who have made their mind up about things. Life's worth living and I respect life, you know.

Anyway, Sheik turned 65 a few days ago. It's a beautiful thing. Dude is like a surrogate uncle to me; the one cool dude in your family that you can drink beers with and smoke a joint or two with, but gotta leave before he gets agity and starts desiring an eightball. It's a miracle that he's lasted this long and I hope he lives for a long time. My homie that I worked with for 3 years jumped out of a window here at work a few months ago and he was only 64. So you gotta appreciate the shit that you've got in front of you; money, fame, all the other bullshit can't do it for me. As long as I got my family, friends and girl, then I'm good, you know. So yeah, happy birthday, my nigga. Hope you are acting crazy for another 65 years, bro.

I am too lazy to review videos now. I'll do it tomorrow morning when I eschew playing low-stakes internet poker in favor of placating my wonderful audience.

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