Friday, September 21, 2007

Sheiky Baby All Day

First off, much thanks to KaneRobot for putting a link up to my blog in his description of the infamous "Iron Sheik Goes Nuts" video above, which pretty much started Sheikymania throughout the internet. A crowning achievement in my life, let me tell ya.

Sheik wrestles Pistol Pez Whatley here in Jacksonville, Florida, according to what the dude who put this video up says. It's dated in 1992, apparently. This would explain Sheik being jacked up and actually kinda mobile. The announcers are what make this match as they're just hilarious with their accents and commentary, where they spend most of the time just marking out like fans in the crowd. I love this match as much as anything on the Internet. I recommend that all of you watch it and tell your grandchildren about this encounter. So you might have two brain cells and wake up in the morning from your hospital bed and say, "Where am I", but I think the memories of this match should last a lifetime.

Sheik tells us about Dan Mirade and how he's a jabronie. He then compares Mirade to his Jewish friend, Eric Simms. Eric is not a half-and-half, according to Sheik. However, I feel sorry for whatever woman Simms actually claims to be in a relationship with. What woman would allow Simms to stick his cock in her twat? Okay, fine, other than a prostitute?

This is from Manican's encounter with Sheik at Jac Sabboth's collectables store in deepest, darkest Queens. It's so deep into Queens that I refuse to venture out there. Like I'll go as far out as JFK, but only to pick up people from the airport. But leisurely? Never.

Anyways, Sabboth is a promoter of wrestling whose show I ended up going to back like 7 years ago. It's the Low-Ki/Xavier ladder match main event that dorks like me still talk about. I sat behind these two DVDVR guys, Pete and Ray, whether they acknowledge it or not, that is the truth. These guys had a fucking stopwatch and notepad so they could time the matches. After the show, my friends and I went to some diner. By the time I got home, the results of the show (with match times WTF) were already up on the DVDVR messageboard. I'm not gonna call them a bunch of fags, but okay, what a bunch of fags.

Sheik leaves a message for Nikolai on some dude's cellphone. He seems to be loving life in Mani's clips.

I had to put something Nikolai-related here. This is a 10-minute video showing how Nikolai joined the Million Dollar Corporation. I felt bad for Volkoff, but he had to feed his family. I don't remember how the storyline ended, but I do recall many Nikolai squash matches where he would be basically degraded by Dibiase at ringside.

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