Wednesday, September 5, 2007

66 Posts and Counting

I think it's a miracle that I've blogged for this long. Maybe I should step back and revel in my amazing persistance when it comes to blogging and avoiding doing a minor part of my job description in favor of doing this shit instead. Or maybe I should cry myself to sleep at night and try not to remember how awesome it was when Ms. Edwards told us in Calculus [or whatever] that she got robbed while walking through the halls of our high school. Fuck that bitch. Ms. Edwards, if you're reading this, then I'd like to let you know that you are a cunt who sucked at teaching. Thanks for passing me though, twat!

These are some highlights, some lowlights and some awkward moments in that interview shot by that dude who was accused of, like, banging little boys off the internet. You know I can't live that down. Anyways, when someone supposedly decides to download the audio of this interview, you do lose some of the luster so getting to see his facial reactions is helpful. Though it is odd when you see his fascination with pushing his chair closer and closer to the camera. Feinstein not being to read the medal is funny, but it seems like the only Jew who reads it properly is Eric Simms. I wonder if the Jewish blogging contingent is going to come after me.

If they do, then I'll be forced to recite anti-Semetic rhetoric that I learned from my elders during those madrassah-like sessions at that secret place with the jungle gyms that look suspciously like the shitty rides that were at the cement "park" two blocks away from me.

Thinking about this got me going through old photobooks trying to find my past. I've decided to put this only picture up to show all you people out there that wonder how awesome my childhood was...


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