Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fuck Denver

I can't believe the week is almost over. And I can't believe that I have gotten positive feedback from Allah, Buddha, Jehovah and Buddy Wayne, so things can't be that bad, right? Anyhow, I shall review as much as an internet reviewer can review, if only to please people who need to know what's up with Sheiky Baby (or is it Baba)?

These are clips of Sheik and Honky Tonk outside of some place in Denver where people watched Summerslam. Did I watch Summerslam? Hmm, I think I did. Yeah, I did. Oh, right, this is promoted by those Pleasures Dudes faggots. Honestly, is there any real reason that anybody would want to visit Denver? Hell, I'd want to get the fuck out and apparently, so do these guys. The limo driver isn't here yet and Sheik is pissed because he wants to go home. He doesn't seem to want to talk to fans about Gholamreza Takhti, Imam-Ali Habibi or any other lesser-known Iranian amateur wrestlers. He just wants to go home. Oh yeah, Honky Tonk Man is here, too. He sure does need a haircut. The videos cut out like halfway for all three of these clips. Don't blame me if it doesn't work, assholes.

If anything, it's hilarious to see how uncomfortable Honky Tonk is. He really looks like he wants to go home and doesn't really want to talk to fans since he's already made his appearance and just wants to go to bed and hopefully go home and see his wife and kids. Honky even offers to drive the limo himself. Sheik just seems so irritated at these loud-ass whiteboys yelling at him.

Eventually, the driver comes out and the two legends finally get to leave. They have no more time for the marks, but the footage lives on forever as long as there is an internet.

Iron Shiek 2

Iron Sheik 3

Iron Sheik in Denver 1

Iron Sheik in Denver 2

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