Friday, September 14, 2007


Damn it, it's Friday alright and Balls Mahoney still has a job. There must be a God. Or Allah. Or Zoroastran. Whatever, it's amazing. The weekend is upon us as I sit here typing away on this iMac at work and slightly gazing at my pack of Marlboro smooths and bottle of Febreze Farbic Refresher Allergen Reducer. Hearing your co-workers actually doing work as you sit here trying to look busy as you hurriedly change windows when a pair of titties begins to pop up after scrolling through a thread clearly marked "NSFW" is always great. The day-to-day bullshit sucks, but this blog does help to make it go by a little faster.

Sheik hates Ric Flair. The Kurt Angle sweatshirt never gets old. Someone get him some Italian suits. Sheik is Armani would be a great improvement over his current wardrobe. Gays know how to dress like that Tim Gunn nigga. He takes shit too far. I dress in a shitty pair of jeans that I rock for weeks on end before I deem them dirty. Also, some kind of black tee shirt with a logo emblazoned on the front or some shirt that I bought from Old Navy. It doesn't sound like much, but I look a lot better than I did in high school. Adding 30 pounds to get me over 150 pounds didn't hurt either.

Anyhow, Sheik throws out allegations of Flair's drug usage. Decadurabolin! Testostorone! Damn, yo.

He also calls Linda McMahon beautiful, but he might have a secret weak spot for white women in power. A lot of us minorities do, apparently.

This kid decided to put a four second clip of Psycho Sid powerbombing Sheiky through a table, except they were his action figures. Honestly, I was checking out the air conditioner in the back and trying to figure out if that was instead MY current AC since mine has the green analog thingy, too. And the kid is watching wrestling because you hear Michael Cole talking about that gassed-up Mexican, Chavo Guerrero. Wouldn't it be great if the television was on something completely different like an episode of "Mad About You" or maybe "Busty Cops 2"? "Busty Cops 2" is a favorite in my household; if you have Showtime on Demand, then you should check it out. I've watched five minutes so far, but it definitely has some acting ability that is truly amazing. The performances are on a level that puts the casts of "Bridges of Madison Country", "Waiting" and "Van Wilder 2: Rise of Taj" to shame.

Also, kinda fucked up is that after the action-figure powerbomb, the kid leaves the toys in that position, so now Sid's actually sucking Sheik off. Maybe that's sexual assault since Sheik got powerbombed first?


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