Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Many Adventures of the Iron Sheik

Sheik has been on a rampage lately. He's gonna be back on the Stern show in a few weeks! He's also doing a lot of unusual things lately that could be considered unbecoming of a former WWF World Champion.

Sheik decides to play the board game Clue with someone wearing a Sabu costume. He doesn't really understand the game, but it does remind him of Brian Blair. He notes the kitchen and bathroom in the game, but does not fail to also note that Blair is garbage and also a jew jabronie. Yes, I think it's fair to say that most Jews are jabronies.

If Sheik doesn't get Clue, maybe there's some other games that he could try???

Monopoly is fucking awesome. It'll make you cry like a bitch when you lose all your money, but I prefer the Shrek Junior Monopoly version.

Parcheesi is fucking great. I used to play this all the time when I was a kid with my mom. I liked beating her because it was affirmation that I was a king at board games. Sadly, I was still not very good. In retrospect, I think I was probably a little too competitive.

I think Our Hero could do great at Connect Four. Seriously, anyone can play this game. I have it in my possession just for the chance that I will have to duel with someone. Instead of taking to fisticuffs, just pulling this board game out will solve any and all problems that may have been lingering. Sheik and Blair need to sit down and play a few games. By the end of the game, Blair will practically be begging Sheik to go fuck his wife.

Sheik is here hawking his action figure. Scintillating material, let me tell ya. He's a WWF or WWE champion.

Sheik arm-wrestles the fake Sabu guy (maybe Pablo Marquez from ECW???) and pulls out a gun on the homie! Damn, I didn't know things got that bad that he needed to pull out weaponry on guys. Would he pull out a gun on Scott Norton, who is an arm-wrestling champion? Or better yet, would he pull out a gun on Sylvester Stallone in Over the Top?

Not if his son is on the line. Even if the son looks gayer than Jonathon from Who's the Boss?

I was gonna put a picture of him but I saw some dude's ballsack on the first page of my Google Image Search for "danny pintauro". What the fuck is wrong with your people????

Sheik slits some jabronie's neck with a fake sword during a match in front of a bunch of chairs. This is also tremendous and I support all these videos with the Iron Sheik Youtube Review Stamp of Approval.

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Anonymous said...

Fucking wonderful page. I added a link to this site in the description of the original "Iron Sheik Goes Nuts" video. Do not ever stop. Ever.