Friday, August 31, 2007

Fuck yeah.

Friday is fucking here and I expect everybody reading this to go out this weekend and have a great time.

Yeah, so I won't be doing the interview with Page Magen, one of Sheik's bookers who also is involved with the Sheik documentary. He got too anal about knowing questions because we all know that I was gonna be like, "How can you book a guy that you've seen smoke crack right in front of you?" But hey, whatever. If you would like to ask him yourself, then go e-mail him at You might get yourself a one-sentence response!

Skip to 4:43 in this video because no one cares about Johnny Kashmere even if Social Distortion or whatever the fuck is playing in the background. The bald dude asks Sheik about his feelings on Tom Cruise and Scientology. He talks about Cruise not being like the Sheik. Sheik asks the bald guy to read his medal and the bald guy reads it wrong. What is up with people reading it wrong? Fuck, get some better glasses or something. Sheik's also asked about Hillary Clinton running for President. He says that he's got no problems with someone with a twat running the country. Personally, I just hope she's more competent than Benazir Bhutto and Khaleda Zia. I'm pretty sure that she will be since America isn't some dirt-poor South Asian county with people who look like they belong on those Save the Children commercials. Oh yeah, Sheik says that George Bush is a half-and-half since he sent the young generation to Iraq and Afghanistan. Sheik should really become an Ambassador for the UN. I'm sure he'd do an admirable job, much like Angelina Jolie has done. Sheik puts over Bruno Sammartino and Kurt Angle, which is always tremendous.

Have a great weekend. Send me an e-mail or two so I can paste them on this site, assholes.

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