Thursday, August 2, 2007

Yes, The Sheik is on Howard Stern TODAY.

At least, I think he's on? I am one of the many people that didn't switch to Sirius so I am hoping that you, the public, can help a poor South Asian brother out here. If you can't, then well, fuck you. But if you can, then I shall thank you personally on this very blog. I know you care. You've gotta care. But whatever.

Anyways, Rob Feinstein has put up a nine minute audio clip of Howard Stern talking about Our Hero. I believe it's worth a listen, so yeah, listen.

WOW WHAT AN AWESOME LISTEN, RIGHT? Yeah, so they're gonna make fun of him and shit. And there will be beer. I've watched Howard's show on the E! network for a million years so nothing will particularly surprise me about the appearance. They're gonna play Anal Ring Toss which seems kinda fun. Do Iranians play Anal Ring Toss after hard-fought amateur wrestling matches in Tehran? Who knows.

So, that dude, Rob Feinstein may have a rather checkered history. From allegations of stiffing his customers when it comes to DVDs to other allegations of bootlegging to other allegations of just being unusual, he's someone who has been vilified throughout the internets. Well, things got worse a couple years ago after one of those "To Catch a Predator"-like stings that involved Perverted Justice and some local news crew...

Because of this, dude lost the wrestling company that he was helping to run, Ring of Honor. And, well, it would interesting if Howard did know about Rob's background. Maybe someone will send a link of this video over to Howard's people. Or maybe people just don't give a damn anyway. Nice to know that Sheik's crew consists of a rather untrustworthy individual who happens to be Jewish and a failed wrestling promoter accused of pedophilia.

Sheik rants and raves while Dan Miloni half-heartedly holds up some photos of Sheiky Baby. Miloni holds up Sheik's glossies and the camera gets like, maybe, a third of the picture, hahaha. This is from the MWF shoot that got the ball rolling as far as Sheikymania is concerned.

Have a great fucking day, people.

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