Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Of Course, There's MORE Sheik on Howard Stern.

Fuck YES, the whole radio segment with Howard. No video on this one, but there's no way I can review this whole thing. Listen to it, though.

With every party, there's always one jackass that wants to ruin the night. Whether it means drinking too much, snorting way too much coke or just being a complete douche, these individuals do exist. In this case, it's some deejay named Bubba the Love Sponge. I know he's good friends with Hulk Hogan, which is the only reason that he's on Howard. Before Bubba came out, Sheik was optimistic, but didn't trust Bubba, So Bubba comes out and spits out some wrestling facts that he got from Wikipedia. He defends Hulk and Sheik gets pissed at him. Bubba challenges Sheik's Olympic claims, but Sheik reasons that Olympics and AAU are the same thing. Bubba claims he wrestled AAU at 225 pounds, but Sheik notes that Bubba is a fat ass, which is quite true. Sheik calls Bubba a Italian Jewish faggot or whatever. Don't get angry at me since trying to convert Sheiklish-to-English is a skill that takes years to master. Bubba says he could beat up Sheik right now, but Sheik doesn't seem fazed at all.

Bubba keeps calling Sheik a jobber since Vince Sr. told him to drop the belt. Around this time, they refer to Hulk as Terry. Bubba seems legit riled up, but I think it's just him trying to piggyback off the Sheik's popularity while continuing to ride Hogan's coattails. I wonder how much Bubba got paid to do that show in Memphis that had the Hulk/Big Show main event. Bubba keeps calling Sheik "kid" which is disgusting. I don't call any elders "kid".

Howard brings out AJ, the porn star who does Anal Ring Toss at bachelor parties. Sheik is loving it right now. Where's Sheik's cold beer, damn it. Sheik needs money since he's broke.

Then we have the "Killer Bees" cutting promos on the Sheik. Howard says they just signed a deal with the WWE. Sheik believes that Jim Brunzell has betrayed him, which is just ridiculous. Both Bees are wearing masks and Sheik is freaking out about it. One Bee says his moustache smells like Nikolai Volkoff's asshole. This segment didn't last too long as Howard wanted Sheik to settle down.

Howard plugs Sheik's stuff and asks Vince McMahon to bring the Sheik back. Sheik says Vince forgot about and he broke Sheik's heart. Bubba says Blair really isn't gay and needs to stop it. Sheik says "really" and Bubba confirms it. Sheik asks about Warrior and Bubba says "well, you might have something there..."

We get a little clip of Sheik giving excuses as to why his Anal Ring Tossing isn't up to par. He's not Michael Jordan or Michael Jackson.

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