Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Wacky Wednesdays

I don't really have much to say about the rap music these days. I listened to enough of it back a few years ago when I worked around black people and I was intrigued with Nas vs. Jay-Z. Listening to people's discussions on where Stillmatic ranked and how awesome Trick Daddy was was actually pretty fun. I still watched wrestling then, but it was all about me strolling into my Business Journalism class with my shitty CD player while Wu-Tang was playing into my headphones. So yeah, I bought a lot of rap albums for a good while. And some 50 Cent stuff, too. This video is for the song, "Ski Mask Way" off his second major-label release, The Massacre. Compared to most of the crap he records, this is great shit. Produced by the late Disco D, who unfortunately killed himself and stuff. I LOVE THIS BEAT.

Here's that Sheik documentary video that was unfortunately disabled for embedding earlier...

Our boy Mani went to the deepest, darkest parts of Queens, NY (Jac Sabboth's wrestling store) to meet our hero, Sheiky Baby. Sheiky talks about Warrior and how the dude was a loner and did not want to the legend. Also, he goes into explicit detail about the shortcomings of the Warrior. Of course, the threat of anal rape is made in this particular video, but that goes without saying, right?

Last but not least, the homie Neal from In Your Head radio e-mailed this link from Sheik's bizarre interview there from a few months ago. Sheik freaks out when the host asks him about the supposed hostage situation at the Boston airport after that unfortunately car crash that Sheiky Baby had with Dan Miloni and this other Jew. That's right, he'll be known as "this other Jew". Sheik is very angry and wants to sue Miloni. I guess the threats of suing Miloni didn't go down since he appeared on that MWF show a few weeks ago. Dude couldn't even get a hookup at Applebee's.

Listen to this. It's amazing and rather awe-inspiring.

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