Monday, August 6, 2007

Once Again, Mondays Mean Something

A weekend spent not doing a whole lot, which was great. Sometimes, you just need to sit back and do nothing. The joy of staring at your television is like none other. Especially when you're waiting for that huge check to come due to how financially successful your blog is coming around. Yep, big things are planned. Hopefully I can quit the day-job and just blog from this yacht that I've been yearning to get a hold of. It's not in my price range yet, so people, please click the ad on the bottom left hand corner of this page. I'm beggin' ya!

This is from Howard TV and fuck yeah, this is great. Artie Lange as Iron Sheik Jr. rants and raves about how he's the real Iron Sheik and has gotten two million dollars from Vince McMahon. At first, Sheik gets really angry but I think a part of him is like, "wow, this is pretty fun" while almost deciding to pull his cock out of his pants. Sheiky lets us all know he's got a "ten inch cock", which must really intice the ladies of Tehran. And the gays.

What I think really came out about this is Iron Sheik should get a radio show gig. Like if an untalented, roided up dude like Donny Bonaduce can become a radio talk show host, then why can't Sheiky Baby? I'd be willing to bet that a lot of legends look at Sheik and think, "damn it, all I had to do is to curse and scream in order to get people to care about me again???" A lot of people tend to look at the negative aspects of all this, but at least he's not doing what THIS legend has been reduced to participating in...

It's bad enough being a broken down wrestler who gets no benefits and is surviving on AARP and social security and the occaisonal autograph signing, but Greg the Hammer Valentine is doing BACKYARD SHOWS. People can cry all they want about how Sheik is being exploited blah blah blah, but he's gotta be making some decent money for getting his face out there. And he doesn't have to take a single bump in order to make a buck, too. My point is that I think it's fucking sad that Greg the Hammer is still out there perfoming with a bunch of backyarders and that if he had the opportunity to get the publicity/notoriety that Sheiky Baby is getting, then, hell, maybe he would. Hammer has gotta be a little jealous of Sheik's $2,500 score on Howard's Anal Ring Toss.

At least Hammer didn't have to bump, but, really, what the hell?

Sheik tells us about how he hated being an opening-match guy in the AWA. He used his real name (Khosrow Vaziri), which really didn't get over with the marks in the Midwest. I know, shocking. So he had a meeting with Verne Gagne and his wife, Mary, at some French restaurant, about it. Apparently, it was Mary who thought of the new name for Our Hero. Sheik can't say the word "Wong", which doesn't surprise me. I still have a hard time pronouncing Chinese names, too.

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