Thursday, August 9, 2007

What a week it's been, huh?

Yeah, the Sheik fans have been crazy since the Stern videos have leaked. Manican did it again. If anyone gets a video of that anal ring toss, then please find a place to put it up and I'll put a link to it here. Come on, the memories of seeing Our Hero trying in vain to throw rings into a stick up a girl's ass just sounds too hilarious. It would certainly deserve many screen caps.

Listened to that Kevin Nash RF shoot. It's pretty good. Nash talks about his first car ride with Sheiky and how within a couple minutes, the Iranian antagonist is smoking a joint in the back of a van. They're going to the gym, along with Sid and Dutch Mantell, but Sheik has to stop to get a six-pack. The van gets to the gym, where the other wrestlers go to work out. Sheik walks in the gym, does 2 reps on the bench press at 135 and leaves. Tremendous.

People can say whatever they want. Sheik's always been nuts. But he's got a heart of gold for people that give him props and for girls that are willing to do the job for him. Beware that short-arm clothesline, ringrats.

One last thing before I start reviewing stuff: I'm working on doing something else that may be of interest to you hardcore Sheik fans. I want this blog to be more than just a video review blog, because I know that I can do more than that and I think people are intelligent enough to want a little diversity in their content. To the loyal readers, I'm gonna try to do things that would stray from the normal wrestling blog. Cool?

Sheik fails to cut a 15-second promo for Opie and Anthony. He doesn't really call him "Opium" but these guys are trying to be funny. The imitations aren't really great and the fake Farsi doesn't really intrigue me. Sheik may not be able to cut a short promo. Who really knows? This dude who is imitating isn't as good as that one dude on Youtube or even Artie Lange.

Anyways, it's been a crazy week. Hope there isn't another tornado in my neighborhood. PEACE.

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