Thursday, August 30, 2007

Feinstein Exploitation Continues

See Sheik rant about fucking Linda, Brooke and Nick Hogan. Well, Nick's going to get fucked a lot if he gets convicted of vehicular manslaughter. But maybe the dude in the car will live. Sheik gets baited into crying when he learned of Frank Gotch's death. I don't know if baiting an old man into doing things that make you entertained is something that most normal people would do. In fact, it's pretty scummy. Sheik gets to go to Madison Square Garden and stand in front of it like it's really amazing. I think the baiting of Sheik is because that just having footage of him eating a croissant just wasn't enough for them. It also speaks to the desperation of the individuals involved in order to make money. Sheik curses at some hotel or whatever and lets the accused pedophile know that he's a shooter.

Overall, what I think is this looks even crappier than the RF Sheik shoot and doesn't compare to the original MWF version that signalled the comeupance of Our Hero. I'm glad to say that I know that people on the internet bootleg this jerk's videos and I hope that it continues. If it means not having to watch some creep film another guy sleeping in bed, then even better. Although the appearance of "legendary" Tom Brandi is always a welcome sight.

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