Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Best Promo Ever?

The Iron Sheik rattles off

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People may wonder why I love the Iron Sheik so much. They might think it's because I'm just some unreasonable super-mark for him with not much to celebrate but "make him humble". That's perfectly fine. But Sheiky Baby has left a lot to his name even before that time. Check out this AWESOME promo from that Grandmasters DVD that's become the best selling DVD at Walmart. Sheik's promo is awesome as he rattles off why he's so much better than Ken Patera, shows off his disgusting steroid gut and impressively lifts those Iranian clubs. If you can't love this, then I have no love for you. Freddie Blassie rattles off a quick promo, which is even more endearing.

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Anonymous said...

Great one, you're right that is one hell of a promo. Sheik's singlet rules it. How great are his gestures when he gets ready to swing the clubs? Blassie is totally on also and rips WCW.