Tuesday, August 14, 2007

No, I don't know either.

The week is going by splendidly. It's already Tuesday and I'm already yearning for a new line of work. Usually, the agony settles in around Wednesday or Thursday, but unfortunately, life has taken a turn for the mundane all too quickly. The only saving grace from yesterday was a wonderful meal at Uno's Pizzeria. Chicken broccoli fettucine is the shit and the one meal that can satiate the appetite of an amazing human being, such as myself.

Sheiky Baby was on Raw and got live mic time. I'm waiting a video on that shortly, but for now, let's look at some videos and comment and all that other shit.

This is the trailer for the Sheik documentary "From A to the Z", which is coming soon from the Magen brothers. Sheik likes to drink alcohol and smoke crack. His wife does admit to taking his check, but says Sheik spent $30,000 with nothing physical to show for it. Sheik says he spent it "on the ground". Maybe he's talking about his daughter, Marissa's gravesite? We get to see Sheik make a trip to the cemetary and it's pretty sad. A special appearance by Paul Orndorff in flip-flops! He talks about killing a hog. Sheik walks weird on one foot. He also takes pictures with bored black children. His wife looks rather shrewish in this, comparable to Bret Hart's wife's performance in Wrestling With Shadows.

Sheiky Baby was on Dr. Keith Lipinski's radio show. Is he really a doctor anyway? I don't know. Joey Eastman of Totally Tool Wrestling is also on this. Sheik rants on Kramer. He is going to give that guy a warning. Sheik has a lot of love in his heart and he's got mad love for Muhammad Ali and Michael Jordan. He doesn't know if Ali is okay. Sheik thinks Bruno Sammartino should be in the Hall of Fame since he sold out Madison Square Garden more than anybody else. Sheik talks about the Von Erichs and claims he trained them. He thinks Kevin should be in the Hall. He talks about Warrior's gay past, but I guess he doesn't think he should be there. God bless Ed Farhat, the original Sheik, but he didn't speak Arabic since his father and mother were from Syria. Sheik's got mad love for Ed Farhat and thinks he should be in the Hall. Sheik does think Flair should be in the Hall since he's a good wrestler and talker. Sheik talks about Flair and says him or Brunzell or Patera couldn't handle him. He talks about the training camp days and says he was the toughest. He says Flair isn't in his class.

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craig said...

They're not Black children they're children Bitch