Thursday, June 21, 2007

There is a demand.

A nice rant about that freak, Andre the Giant. He was impressive, but not as much as Alexander Medved. Sheik just hates this dude for being unprofessional with him in the ring.

I love it when this guy says "essport" instead of "sport". Yeah, it would've been entertaining if Fuji and him would've beat Stossel's ass along with his "medicine man" David Schulz.

Sheik always shifts his feelings about Hogan. On many of his shoots and random interviews, he seems really bitter towards him. But in a few, he actually has nice things to say. It's definitely kinda strange, especially knowing that a month or so ago, the two actually took pictures together and had a friendly conversation. At least Hogan didn't sell out Sheik for two dollahs.

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