Wednesday, June 20, 2007

New Happenings

Man, I'm definitely looking forward to continuing with the blog now. The idea of an actual Sheik talk show on Raw has suddenly become the most important thing on my mind as far as must-see television. I'd like for The Office to come back soon, but this is perfect! Yes, I am very excited. Not only for whatever goes down, but the popularity of future Youtube clips of the Sheik. Like even if WWE ended up taking down most of his clips, there will always be more. It's too bad that newer and younger fans like myself didn't get to appreciate Fred Blassie. There's this one clip of him and Blassie cutting a great promo and it's got iranian clubs and everything, but apparently that got taken down. Youtube, don't fail us.

Nikolai being Sheik's favorite partner, but his Jewish tendencies rubbed him the wrong way. I've listened to a lot of interviews at work where people are asked about wrestling these two guys; most are pretty favorable, though I believe Dynamite Kid wrote in his book that wrestling them was "embarassing". I wonder where Bull Ramos ranks on his list of favorite partners.

Thanks to Slam! Sports for the Ramos pic.

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