Sunday, June 3, 2007

Iron Sheik's Thoughts on Hulk Hogan

This is from that infamous MWF shoot interview that he did with Dan Mirade. It's interesting that Sheik held not getting a call to come to WCW against Hogan. According to Jim Cornette, Sheik's contract rolled over for another year because the lawyers just forgot about him or something. He didn't have to wrestle for much of that period because he was apparently a really bad jobber, according to Cornette. Maybe Sheik was looked at as washed up by the time Hogan came in. Hey, at least he got that managerial run with the Sultan.

SHEIKY VALUE: This was okay, but he doesn't really go nuts here. He does not like Hulk very much, which leads to Sheik calling him a "fag". I can't complain about this. Neither should you!

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