Sunday, June 24, 2007

Burqas, Broads and Blacks

This black brother decides that the world needs to hear him do an Iron Sheik impersonation. Does he realize that he has disgraced the Iranian people with his piss-poor version of our favorite speaker of Farsi? Probably not. But he can definitely use this to hook up with females that also like watching Iron Sheik videos. Is there an actual market? Like maybe a relationship website based on Iron Sheik going crazy and the various videos bringing together men and women, young and old. Romance over discussing just how great opening-match wrestler Khosrow Vaziri did as a babyface working for Verne Gagne's AAU doesn't seem too implausible. (Okay, maybe it does.)

On a scale of 1-10 as far as impersonations go, I give this maybe a 3, but I am giving a bonus because of the Miloni dude. Yeah, that wasn't so bad.

So we finally get to hear the awesome story of the Iron Sheik short-arming some ringrat of Marty Jannetty's and getting stretchered out of the hotel. Yeah, it's all good because he gave her different kinds of medicine: painkillers, cocaine and beer, but she refused to do the job. How dare she refuse to put our beloved hero during his time of sexual need! I actually think that second sentence will upset a feminist or someone who takes the internet too seriously. Yeah, let's see if Gloria Allred decides to e-mail me at a frivolous pace. I'd actually welcome it so I can repost them here and have a good laugh.

Honestly, I do believe that the usage of the short-arm-clothesline on some poor rat was unnecessary. Couldn't he have gotten his own whore to snort, shoot and fuck on his own? I'd doubt he'd actually have done it to a burqa-wearing Iranian women. Everytime I pass by one of them, I feel that black bedsheet that they wear over their head is some amazing forcefield that will just get weird glances from weirded-out people like myself. Considering that he wants to have sex with Rosie O'Donnell, I wouldn't be shocked if he didn't short-arm-clothesline her, either. However, there's reason to believe that he would leg-dive that lesbian if she refused his sexual advances.

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