Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Apologies and Reviews!

I'd like to first apologize for not doing an update for the zero people that puruse this, but if you do, then, uh, yeah, sorry. I decided to do other things like eat dinner and watch shitty ECW. I know that's not a valid excuse, but this blog is not about validity, sorry.

So because I am feeling sad (or just fucking weird), I'm gonna comment on two videos. Why? Because this is a labor of love. Or just a labor. I don't get paid for this, but I am paying the price. The price of seeing Sheiky Baby's phrases dance through my brain during random and awkward moments.

The Iron Sheik bitches more about Hulk Hogan and how he loves the crack. And also that he was involved with Mr. Pat Patterson. But in what way was he involved with Patterson? Maybe they had investments? Maybe they had a secret poker game with Barry O, Barry Windham and Barry Horowitz??? Dan Mirade seems rather composed throughout all of this ranting. Sheik seems really bitter about not getting a long reign, but at least he got to defend his belt against Tito Santana. Even if Tito was "better than nothing".

Sheik rants on Andre here! He says he has no respect for that big man. I've heard that Andre used to really rough up Sheik in the ring. Like unprofessionally. Who really knows why? The claim that Andre was mean to his fans when he was a babyface might be something that needs to be looked into on, which may not exist. However, the claim that he gives his autographs for free may be debatable. I bought some autographs from our favorite short-term WWF heavyweight champion of the world for $20. I probably should have invoked the MWF Dan Miloni Shoot Discount, but who knows if that would have been enough. I did see him give a free glossy to a disabled individual, so I don't doubt that he can be a good dude.

SHEIKY VALUE: This was all great. Your grandchildren will remember this. Maybe not your wife, though.

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